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Genre  Motoring Entertainment
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Starring  Car restoration team
Directed by  Stephen Taylor Woodrow Steve Bonser James Redgate Ben Mann
Presented by  Tim Shaw Fuzz Townshend
Narrated by  Jim Smallman (series 1-3) Phil Cornwell (series 4)

Car SOS is a one-hour automotive entertainment television series that airs on National Geographic Channel UK as well as More4. The series began in 2013, and is presented by Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend.


The show features Shaw and Townshend working closely with the specialist car restoration team helping to restore owners classic cars from across the UK and Europe, often beginning in serious state of disrepair. The owner and their car, unbeknownst to them, are nominated by a relative or friend because of an inability to restore the vehicle themselves due to unforeseen medical and/or financial reasons. The owners are then reunited with their finished car, much to their surprise at a staged event usually setup by Shaw.

In a special series three episode, however, the owner was aware, and the car, a 1962 Austin-Healey Sebring Sprite, once driven by a racing team that included Steve McQueen and Sir Stirling Moss (the latter of which featured in the episode), was restored due to its meaning to the classic car world instead, and was placed in the Heritage Motor Centre once completed.


The series is presented by motor vehicle and engineering enthusiast Tim Shaw, and musician and mechanic, Fuzz Townshend. Townshend leads a team of car restoration experts who mainly work off camera, though they do have occasional cameos, most notably "Workshop" Phil Palmer's appearances within skits or scripted light-hearted moments taking place within the workshop.


Each episode begins with Shaw and Townshend picking up and reviewing the featured car. Shaw will discuss why the car is being restored with the nominee's relatives, while Townshend inspects the car's state, working out the amount of work needed. The car is then winched onto a trailer, and taken to Townshend's workshop, where it is inspected further by all of the restoration team. As the work on restoring the car begins, Shaw is given a list and travels the country to find the needed parts, often portrayed in a comedic, 'blagging' manner. Shaw and Townshend will occasionally break from the restoration, leaving it in the safe hands of the team to visit other restored models of the same car, test driving them and talking with other owners. Towards the end of the restoration, Shaw will invite the nominee's family to discuss setting up a fake scenario or event, in which they can return the car to the owner. The fake event is also usually presented in a comedic manner, with Shaw often being in a form of disguise, before revealing who he is, and his intentions to the owner, who is then presented with their restored car.

A special aired as the first episode of the third series featuring Sir Stirling Moss. A 1962 Sebring Austin Healey Sprite, once driven at Sebring as part of a racing team featuring Steve McQueen and Sir Stirling Moss, was restored by the team and was placed in the Heritage Motor Centre museum once completed. In the 1962 race, a sister car was driven by Moss to a class win, and second overall. That car had since been destroyed, leaving the team car, restored by the team, as the only Sebring Sprite left in the world.


Four series of Car SOS have aired, each containing 10 episodes.


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