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Caption That

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Developer(s)  David Morison
Designer(s)  David Morison
Release date(s)  June 2009
Initial release date  June 2009
Platform  Adobe Flash Player
Publisher(s)  David Morison
Engine  Not Applicable
Mode(s)  multiplayer
Genre  Online game
Caption That

Caption That is an online multiplayer caption writing game where players write captions for a given image and then vote for their favourite from the list others have written.



Players join public rooms and wait for a game to start (or join in with an existing game). The game requires at least 2 people to be in a room before a game will start, however games are generally best if they have 4 or more players. When a game commences, all players in the room will be shown the same picture and will get the chance to write a funny caption within the time limit.

Once the timeslot for caption writing is complete, a voting round ensues, where players pick their favourite from the list of captions displayed. Players cannot vote for their own caption! Also, if a player does not vote within the specified countdown time limit, they will score no points for this round. This is to stop people cheating by writing captions and then not voting for the captions of others.

Once the voting round is over, the current scores are displayed in descending order next to the player names. At this point, the game round is considered over, and a new one begins.


Caption That is loosely based on the popular Bezerk game 'Get the Picture' which was abandoned in the late 90s due to non-profitability. Two other popular games at the time were Acrophobia which has been recreated several times since, and You Don't Know Jack – The Netshow. The standalone version of You Don't Know Jack is still very popular.


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