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Captain Squeegee

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Years active  2002–Present
Genre  Progressive rock
Website  CaptainSqueegee.com
Captain Squeegee Captain Squeegee quotMusic Is Just Gonna Be Free I39m Okay with That
Genres  Psychedelic, Progressive Rock, Jazz, Indie-Rock
Members  Danny Torgersen, Austen Mack, Ryan Sims, Matt Maloy, Chris Hoskins, Ben Jones, John Meier
Past members  Kory McCarthy, Tyler Carlblom, Ryan Downey, Casey Rita, Joe Crawford, Danny Roose, Garet Ortego
Origin  Mesa, Arizona, United States (2002)
Albums  To the Bardos!, Everything vs. Nothing, Behind the Metal and Metric Pace
Record labels  80/20 Records, Captain Squeegee, Captain Squeegee and the Soap Su
Similar  The Haymarket Squares, Fairy Bones, Playboy Manbaby, Bob Hoag, Black Carl

Captain squeegee w a jazz band dually noted

Captain Squeegee is a psychedelic indie-rock band from Mesa, Arizona. Formed in 2002. Their songs cover content from a wide range of topics, including: conspiracies, aliens, love, and the paranormal.


Captain Squeegee Captain Squeegee and Friends Are Going to Save the World Phoenix

Captain squeegee w a big band cosmic waltz


Captain Squeegee Music Captain Squeegee

Captain Squeegee is a seven-piece psychedelic indie-rock band formed in Mesa Arizona in 2002. Originally a ska band, they have no original members and now blend progressive rock, jazz, and theatrical music to create a sound that is experimental and complex, having been described as “...a musical-theorist/band-geeks dream”. The members are musically trained and read/chart music including their original material, and several of them have music degrees. The band has released three full-length albums and an EP. They have toured the southwestern US several times and performed at SXSW, Warped Tour, and several other festivals in Arizona. Captain Squeegee has opened for acts such as Thank You Scientist, Parliament Funkadelic, Foxy Shazaam, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Widespread Panic, and Beck.

Danny Torgersen, lead singer of Captain Squeegee, is currently on tour with Badfish as their trumpet player.


  • To The Bardos! - 80/20 Records - 2013
  • Nothing vs Everything - 2008
  • Uprising - Mad Plaid Records - 2005
  • EPs

  • Behind The Metal And Metric Pace - 2006
  • Soundtracks

    Captain Squeegee Captain Squeegee Releases Your Own Invention Lucity Web Saga
  • The band wrote and recorded The Original Soundtrack for the web series Lucidity. Winning an award for Outstanding Composition at the 2012 LawebFest.
  • Music Videos

    Captain Squeegee Captain Squeegee ReverbNation
  • Dually Noted - Directed by Freddie Paull. Satire on competition shows like "America's Got Talent" and "The Voice". #1 Music Video for 2016 in AZ Central.

  • Captain Squeegee azcentral studio concert Captain Squeegee unplug and share 39Dually
  • Seek - Directed by Matty Steinkamp. Sci-fi version of "Romeo and Juliet".
  • The Farce 500-Million - Animation by Johnny McHone from Adult Swim’s “Mr. Pickles” and "Robot Chicken" featuring various conspiracies.
  • The Factory- Directed by Matty Steinkamp. Produced by Sundawg Media Production
  • Inevitable - A claymation music video animated by Johnny McHone from Adult Swim’s “Mr. Pickles”. Released in December 2013.
  • The Puzzle - Directed by Sean Oliver. Produced by Third Productions
  • By The Light- Directed by Sean Oliver. Produced by Third Productions
  • Colloborations

    Captain Squeegee captainsqueegee8020recordscomimghighrescaptai
  • Captain Squeegee with the ASU Concert Jazz Band - November 2012
  • Captain Squeegee with MCC Big Band - May 2012
  • Created original music for Valley Metro - 2010
  • Collaborates with Third Productions. Creating music videos, short films, and web series.

  • Captain Squeegee Captain Squeegee NEW SINGLE 4 DOWNLOAD Listen and Stream Free
    Captain Squeegee Captain Squeegee explain quotTo The Bardosquot album title YouTube


    Dually NotedTo the Bardos! · 2013
    Shift HappensTo the Bardos! · 2013
    By the LightEverything vs Nothing · 2008


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