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Kingdom  Fungi
Subdivision  Pezizomycotina
Scientific name  Capnodiales
Rank  Order
Division  Ascomycota
Subclass  Dothideomycetidae
Higher classification  Dothideomycetes
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Lower classifications  Mycosphaerellaceae, Mycosphaerella, Septoria, Pseudocercospora, Ramularia

Capnodiales is a diverse order of Dothideomycetes, initially based on the family Capnodiaceae, also known as sooty mold fungi. Sooty molds grow as epiphytes, forming masses of black cells on plant leaves and are often associated with the honeydew secreted by insects feeding on plant sap. This diverse order has been expanded by the addition of several families formerly thought unrelated and now also includes saprobes, endophytes, plant pathogens, lichens and rock-inhabiting fungi. The new additions include the genus Mycosphaerella containing the causal agents of several economically important crop and tree diseases. A small number of these fungi are also able to parasitise humans and animals, including species able to colonise human hair shafts (Piedraia hortae).


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