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Kingdom  Fungi
Subphylum  Pezizomycotina
Subclass  Dothideomycetidae
Rank  Family
Phylum  Ascomycota
Class  Dothideomycetes
Order  Capnodiales
Similar  Capnodium, Capnodiales, Dothideales, Myriangiales, Microthyriaceae

The Capnodiaceae are a family of fungi in the Ascomycota, class Dothideomycetes. Species in the family have a wdiespread distribution, and are especially prevalent in tropical and subtropical areas, as well as temperate rainforests.


According to the 2007 Outline of Ascomycota, the following genera are included in the placement in Capnodiaceae; several genera have a tentative placement in the family.

  • Aithaloderma – tentative
  • Anopeltis – tentative
  • Callebaea – tentative
  • Capnodaria
  • Capnodium
  • Capnophaeum – tentative
  • Ceramoclasteropsis – tentative
  • Echinothecium – tentative
  • Hyaloscolecostroma – tentative
  • Phragmocapnias
  • Polychaeton – tentative
  • Scoriadopsis – tentative
  • Scorias
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