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Cape Town City Council

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Type  Unicameral
Last election  3 August 2016
Seats  231
Cape Town City Council
Speaker  Jacobus "Dirk" Smit, Democratic Alliance Since 15 March 2006
Political groups  DA (154)   ANC (57)   EFF (7)   ACDP (3)   Al Jama-ah (2)   AIC (1), VF+ (1), DI (1), UDM (1) CMC (1), COPE (1), PAC (1), PA (1)
Voting system  Mixed member proportional representation

The City Council is the legislative body of the City of Cape Town. It is composed of 231 councillors elected by a system of mixed member proportional representation. 116 councillors are elected by first-past-the-post voting, one from each of the 116 wards of the City, while the other 115 are elected from party lists to create overall proportionality. The mayor of the City is elected by the City Council.


Map of Cape Town, South Africa

The Cape Town City Council is unusual among municipal legislatures, both in and out of South Africa, in its numerical size, which is larger than the national legislatures of many countries.


The council is divided into 24 subcouncils which deal with local functions for between three and six wards. A subcouncils consists of the ward councillors and a similar number of proportionally-elected councillors assigned to the subcouncil. The subcouncils are delegated the authority to make recommendations on any matter concerning their respective areas to the Council, and can, under certain provisions and circumstances, be instructed to carry out functions of the City Council in the respective area. Subcouncils are consist of geographically clustered wards with proportional councillors assigned to them and led by a subcouncil chairman who is elected by a majority vote of each subcouncil.

Election result

The following table shows the results of the election of 18 May 2011 in the City of Cape Town:

The Democratic Alliance won 78 of the individual ward elections, and the ANC won 33. As a result, the final seat allocation was as follows:


As of May 19, 2014


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