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Cape Erimo

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Cape Erimo (襟裳岬, Erimo-misaki) is a cape in Hokkaidō, located at 41.924444°N 143.248333°E / 41.924444; 143.248333. It is the de facto southern tip of Hidaka Mountains.


Map of Cape Erimo, Erimomisaki, Erimo, Horoizumi District, Hokkaido Prefecture 058-0342, Japan

Hot and cold fronts meet nearby of the cape thus creating a dense mist which covers the cape for more than 100 days a year. Wind blows here with the speed of 10 m/s for almost 300 days a year. Every year more than 400,000 tourists visit Cape Erimo.

Rare species of Kuril Seals live there.

Cape erimo


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