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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Gesneriaceae
Order  Lamiales
Rank  Genus
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Similar  Monopyle, Solenophora, Gasteranthus, Heppiella, Corytoplectus

Semomesia capanea

Capanea is a genus of two species in the flowering plant family Gesneriaceae. The species are epiphytic and occur in Central America and the Andean regions of South America. Capanea grandiflora is thought to be bat pollinated. In older literature the name is often misspelled "Campanea".


Recent phylogenetic studies suggest that the two species of Capanea are nested within the genus Kohleria Roalson et al., 2005a) and both species of Capanea have recently been transferred to Kohleria (Roalson et al., 2005b). However, Capanea species are morphologically very distinct from Kohleria species in their epiphytic habit, absence of scaly rhizomes, capitate stigmas, and 4-valved capsules and this genus is likely to be found in the botanical literature for years to come, despite clear molecular evidence that Kohleria is paraphyletic if Capanea is excluded.

Susy in capanea


  • Capanea affinis (=Kohleria affinis)
  • Capanea grandiflora (=Kohleria tigridia)
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