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Kingdom  Animalia
Infraorder  Scarabeiformia
Family  Scarabaeidae
Scientific name  Canthon
Higher classification  Scarabs
Order  Beetle
Suborder  Polyphaga
Superfamily  Scarabaeoidea
Subfamily  Scarabaeinae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Genus
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Similar  Beetle, Scarabs, Scarabaeinae, Dichotomius, Deltochilum

Dung beetle canthon species jones county north carolina usa july 25 2013

Canthon, the tumblebugs, is a genus of Scarabaeidae or scarab beetles in the superfamily Scarabaeoidea.


Canthon imitator pair rolling dung ball

Selected species

Canthon Scarabaeinae Scarabaeinae dung beetles
  • Canthon aberrans (Harold 1868)
  • Canthon acutiformis Balthasar, 1939
  • Canthon acutoides Schmidt, 1922
  • Canthon acutus Harold, 1868
  • Canthon aequinoctialis Harold 1868
  • Canthon angularis Harold, 1868
  • Canthon quadriguttatus Olivier, 1789
  • Canthon smaragdulus Fabricius, 1781

  • Canthon Canthon indigaceus Hawaiian Scarab ID
    Canthon Canthon cyanellus LeConte Canthon cyanellus BugGuideNet
    Canthon Scarabaeinae Scarabaeinae dung beetles
    Canthon Canthon smaragdulus Canthon smaragdulus Scarabaeidae fee Flickr
    Canthon Scarabaeinae Scarabaeinae dung beetles


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