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Cantharellus subpruinosus

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Kingdom  Fungi
Class  Agaricomycetes
Family  Cantharellaceae
Rank  Species
Division  Basidiomycota
Order  Cantharellales
Genus  Cantharellus
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Similar  Cantharellus pallens, Cantharellus friesii, Cantharellus amethysteus, Cantharellus, Ashen chanterelle

Cantharellus subpruinosus rebozuelos claros

Cantharellus subpruinosus is a species of fungus in the family Cantharellaceae. A European species, it was originally described from France in 2000, where it was found growing in moss in mixed deciduous and spruce woodland.


Rossinyols cantharellus subpruinosus 18 07 14


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