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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Bromeliaceae
Higher classification  Bromeliads
Order  Poales
Subfamily  Bromelioideae
Rank  Genus

Similar  Bromeliads, Canistropsis, Araeococcus, Wittrockia, Nidularium

Canistrum garden plants

Canistrum is a genus of the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Bromelioideae.


The genus names is from the Greek “kanistron” (a kind of basket carried on the head).

The bromeliad genus is endemic to the Atlantic Forest biome (Mata Atlantica Brasileira), located in southeastern Brazil. There are currently 22 recognized species divided into two subgeenra: Canistrum and Cucullatanthus Leme.

Canistrum Bromeliads in Australia seidelianum

Obm garden plant canistrum


Canistrum Hawaii Bromeliad Society
  • Canistrum alagoanum Leme & J.A. Siqueira - Alagoas
  • Canistrum ambiguum (Wand. & Leme) Wand. & B.A.Moreira - Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
  • Canistrum aurantiacum E. Morren - Alagoas, Pernambuco
  • Canistrum auratum Leme - Bahia, Minas Gerais
  • Canistrum camacaense Martinelli & Leme - Bahia
  • Canistrum cyathiforme (Vell.) Mez - from Bahia to Santa Catarina
  • Canistrum flavipetalum Wand. - Bahia
  • Canistrum fosterianum L.B. Smith - Bahia
  • Canistrum fragrans (Linden) Mabb
  • Canistrum giganteum (Baker) L.B.Sm.
  • Canistrum guzmanioides Leme - Bahia
  • Canistrum improcerum Leme & J.A. Siqueira - Alagoas
  • Canistrum lanigerum H. Luther & Leme - Bahia
  • Canistrum montanum Leme - Bahia
  • Canistrum paulistanum (Leme) Wand. & S.E.Martins - São Paulo
  • Canistrum perplexum L.B.Sm. - São Paulo
  • Canistrum pickelii (A. Lima & L.B. Smith) Leme & J.A. Siqueira - Pernambuco, Alagoas
  • Canistrum sandrae Leme - Bahia
  • Canistrum seidelianum W. Weber - Bahia
  • Canistrum superbum (Lindm.) Mez - Rio de Janeiro to Santa Catarina
  • Canistrum tenuisepalum (Leme) ined., - Minas Gerais
  • Canistrum triangulare L.B. Smith & Reitz - Espírito Santo

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