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Candy Carol Tour

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Associated album  Candy Carol
End date  1 June 1991
No. of shows  65
Start date  2 March 1991
Legs  1
Candy Carol Tour

The Candy Carol Tour was a 1991 U.S. concert tour by American electronic group Book of Love, in support of the act's third studio album, Candy Carol, which was released in January 1991. The U.S. tour lasted for three months, starting on March 2 and ending on June 1, 1991.


The first show of the tour took place at O'dell's in Baltimore, Maryland, with local synthpop band Moderation opening the show. (see External links for video) Throughout the tour, various local bands in each city functioned as the opening act. The tour concluded with the final show in Richmond, Virginia.

For the New York City and Cleveland dates, Marc Roselli, a Jesuit priest and brother of Lauren Roselli, joined Lauren and band onstage to perform his Sanctus section of "Counting The Rosaries".

The setlist was heavy on both new Candy Carol album tracks (up to eight new songs), and tracks from their debut, Book of Love.


Sample of a setlist from the tour.

  1. "Turn The World"
  2. "Butterfly"
  3. "Happy Day"
  4. "Melt My Heart"
  5. "Still Angry"
  6. "Quiver"
  7. "Counting The Rosaries" (Lauren Roselli on lead vocals)
  8. "Miss Melancholy"
  9. "Orange Flip"
  10. "Lost Souls"
  11. "Boy"
  12. "Sunny Day" (Ted Ottaviano on lead vocals)
  13. "You Make Me Feel So Good"
  14. "I Touch Roses"
  15. "Alice Everyday"
  16. "Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls"
  17. "Book of Love"
  • Other songs played on the tour: "Candy Carol" (a cappella version leading into "Pretty Girls And Pretty Boys"), "Tubular Bells" (encore), "With A Little Love" (acoustic encore by Ted Ottaviano),"Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes)" (encore)
  • Performers

  • Susan Ottaviano – Lead vocals
  • Ted Ottaviano – Keyboards, vocals
  • Lauren Roselli – Keyboards, vocals
  • Jade Lee – Keyboards, percussion, vocals
  • Crew

  • Victor Bridgers - Tour Manager
  • Todd Petersen - Monitor engineer, keyboard tech.
  • Craig Overbay - Production Manager, house sound
  • John McLaughlin - Stage Manager
  • Jim Newman - Merchandise
  • References

    Candy Carol Tour Wikipedia

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