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Candelabrum tentaculatum

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Candelabridae
Phylum  Cnidaria
Order  Anthomedusae
Class  Hydrozoa
Genus  Candelabrum
Rank  Species
Candelabrum tentaculatum

Candelabrum tentaculatum, also called the dreadlocks hydroid or calamari hydroid, is a sessile marine hydroid, that is found off the Cape Peninsula of South Africa.



Naked cylindrical hydranth up to about 70mm long, covered by densely packed short capitate tentacles. Basal part carries a single whorl of about 17 long unbranched blastostyles, with gonophores near the hydranth.

Species range

Endemic to South Africa, known only from the Cape Peninsula and Port Elizabeth in 10 to 30 m of water.


Synonym: Myriothela tentaculata Millard 1966.

Pale off-white slightly tapering cylindrical certral part with rounded tip, covered with very short rounded tentacles. The base has a ring of long floppy reddish tentacles that drape over the substrate.

Natural history

Often found on pore-plated false corals Laminopora jellyae.


Candelabrum tentaculatum Wikipedia

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