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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Passeriformes
Scientific name  Asthenes
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Furnariidae
Higher classification  Ovenbird
Canastero antpittacomimagesphotosfurnariidsCanyonCanas
Lower classifications  Cordilleran canastero, Short‑billed canastero, Hudson's canastero, Rusty‑vented canastero, Cactus canastero

Many striped canastero asthenes flammulata

Canasteros and thistletails are small passerine birds of South America belonging to the genus Asthenes. The name "canastero" comes from Spanish and means "basket-maker", referring to the large, domed nests these species make of sticks or grass. They feed on insects and other invertebrates.


Canastero Canastero AVES DE CHILE

Cordilleran canastero asthenes modesta


Canastero antpittacom Photo Gallery Ovenbirds Part IV

There are 28 species which belong to the genus Asthenes in the ovenbird family Furnariidae. In 2010 four species, the cactus, dusky-tailed, Steinbach's and Patagonian canasteros, were split off into the new genus Pseudasthenes.


They are typically 15–18 cm long and slim with long tails and thin, pointed bills. They are mostly dull and brown in colour but vary in tail pattern and presence of streaking. They have trilling songs.

Distribution and habitat

Most species occur in open country and scrubland in southern South America and the Andes.

Species list

Canastero Canastero Wikipedia
  • Perijá thistletail, Asthenes perijana
  • White-chinned thistletail, Asthenes fuliginosa
  • Vilcabamba thistletail, Asthenes vilcabambae
  • Ayacucho thistletail, Asthenes ayacuchensis
  • Ochre-browed thistletail, Asthenes coryi
  • Mouse-colored thistletail, Asthenes griseomurina
  • Eye-ringed thistletail, Asthenes palpebralis
  • Puna thistletail, Asthenes helleri
  • Black-throated thistletail, Asthenes harterti
  • Itatiaia spinetail, Asthenes moreirae
  • Sharp-billed canastero, Asthenes pyrrholeuca
  • Short-billed canastero, Asthenes baeri
  • Canyon canastero, Asthenes pudibunda
  • Rusty-fronted canastero, Asthenes ottonis
  • Maquis canastero canastero, Asthenes heterura
  • Cordilleran canastero, Asthenes modesta
  • Streak-throated canastero, Asthenes humilis
  • Rusty-vented Canastero, Asthenes dorbignyi
  • Berlepsch's canastero, Asthenes berlepschi
  • Cipo canastero, Asthenes luizae
  • Streak-backed canastero, Asthenes wyatti
  • Puna canastero, Asthenes sclateri
  • Austral canastero, Asthenes anthoides
  • Hudson's canastero, Asthenes hudsoni
  • Line-fronted canastero, Asthenes urubambensis
  • Many-striped canastero, Asthenes flammulata
  • Junín canastero, Asthenes virgata
  • Scribble-tailed canastero, Asthenes maculicauda

  • Canastero Canastero AVES DE CHILE
    Canastero Foto Naturaleza el primer sitio Web en Chile de Fotografa Natural


    Canastero Wikipedia

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