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Kingdom  Animalia
Subclass  Sedentaria
Higher classification  Polychaete
Phylum  Annelida
Scientific name  Canalipalpata
Rank  Infraclass
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Lower classifications  Sabellida, Sabellidae, Serpulidae, Terebellida, Siboglinidae

Canalipalpata, also known as bristle-footed annelids or fan-head worms, is an infraclass of polychaete worms, with 31 families in it including the Sabellida (tubeworms, fanworms, and feather duster worms) and the Alvinellidae, a family of deep-sea worms associated with hydrothermal vents.


The Canalipalpata have no teeth or jaws. Most are filter feeders. They have grooved palpi which are covered in cilia. These cilia are used to transport food particles to the mouth. However, the cilia and grooves have been lost in the Siboglinidae family.

Fossil record

The earliest known member of the Canalipalpata is Terebellites franklini, which was found in the Clouds Rapids Formation of Newfoundland, and dates from the mid Cambrian (St David's series).

Use in aquaria

Many species of Canalipalpata are visually attractive. Fanworms and Christmas tree worms (a type of serpulid) are recommended as species for beginners to keep in a marine aquarium.


Order Canalipalpata

  • Suborder Sabellida
  • Family Oweniidae
  • Family Sabellariidae
  • Family Sabellidae (Feather duster worms)
  • Family Serpulidae
  • Family Siboglinidae (Beard worms)
  • Family Spirorbidae
  • Suborder Spionida
  • Family Apistobranchidae
  • Family Chaetophteridae
  • Family Longosomatidae
  • Family Magelonidae
  • Family Poecilochaetidae
  • Family Spionidae
  • Family Trochochaetidae
  • Family Uncispionidae
  • Suborder Terebellida
  • Family Acrocirridae
  • Family Alvinellidae
  • Family Ampharetidae
  • Family Cirratulidae
  • Family Ctenodrilidae
  • Family Fauveliopsidae
  • Family Flabelligeridae
  • Family Flotidae
  • Family Pectinariidae (Trumpet worms)
  • Family Poeobiidae
  • Family Sternaspidae
  • Family Terebellidae (Spaghetti worms)
  • Family Trichobranchidae
  • Incertae sedis
  • Family Polygordiidae
  • Family Protodrilidae
  • Family Protodriloididae
  • Family Saccocirridae
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