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Canadian federal election results in New Brunswick

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Canadian federal election results in New Brunswick

Canadian federal elections have provided the following results in New Brunswick.


Regional Profile

New Brunswick results in federal elections are divided among geographical and linguistic lines: The Liberals fare better in the predominantly francophone eastern and northern sections of the province, while the anglophone south and west has historically tended to favour the Conservatives. In 1993, Saint John was one of only two ridings in the country to go Progressive Conservative, electing Elsie Wayne. The Conservatives improved their seat count in each election from 2004 to 2011, until the Liberals swept New Brunswick (along with the rest of Atlantic Canada) in the 2015 election.

2006 - 39th General Election

Conservative Mike Allen defeated incumbent MP Andy Savoy in Tobique—Mactaquac. In the open seat of Moncton—Riverview—Dieppe, formerly held by Claudette Bradshaw, Brian Murphy kept the seat for the Liberals. There was no change elsewhere.

2004 - 38th General Election

The Liberals held three seats in the Anglophone south (Fredericton, Fundy and Tobique-Mactaquac), believed to be most vulnerable to the Conservatives. Despite heavy targeting, the Conservatives only managed to reclaim Fundy from John Herron (who defected from the old PC party in 2003). They lost the adjacent seat of Saint John, vacated by the retiring Elsie Wayne, making for a net Liberal gain.

  1. ^ Herron was former PC, sat until dissolution as an independent, then ran as a Liberal

2000 - 37th General Election

  1. ^ Vautour defected from the NDP in 1999.


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