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Canadian Pacific Railway No. 1293

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Power type  Steam
Build date  June 1948
Serial number  2450
Configuration  4-6-2 "Pacific"
Canadian Pacific Railway No. 1293
Builder  Canadian Locomotive Company
Gauge  4 ft 8 ⁄2 in (1,435 mm)

Canadian Pacific Railway No. 1293 is a 4-6-2 "Pacific" type steam locomotive built in June 1948 by the Canadian Locomotive Company for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Built for passenger service, the 1293 served an eight-year career until being replaced by diesel locomotives where it was then retired in 1959. Purchased in 1964 by F. Nelson Blount for use at his Steamtown site in Bellows Falls, Vermont, the 1293 was easily restored to operation for hauling fan trips for the general public. The 1293 was later sold to the Ohio Central Railroad in 1996 for tourist train service. Today, the locomotive is fully operational and is based out of the Age of Steam Roundhouse in Sugarcreek, Ohio.



It was built in 1948 by Canadian Locomotive Company. It was retired after only eight years of service when diesel power made it obsolete. This was one of three type 4-6-2, class G5d light weight "Pacific" locomotives that were operational at the time that Steamtown, USA was in Bellows Falls. The Steamtown Special History Study gave no details of the operational career of 1293, but said that Blount purchased it under the name of Green Mountain Railroad, in January 1964. The Steamtown Foundation purchased the locomotive from Green Mountain Railroad in 1973 and rebuilt it in 1976. Making its debut as an excursion train in June of that year and sporting a green and black color scheme, 1293 served the state of Vermont as its "Bicentennial Train", logging 13,000 miles (21,000 km). Leased by the state of Vermont for 80-mile (100 km) excursions that were scheduled for the entire year, the engine was dubbed "The Spirit of Ethan Allen".

In 1980, the locomotive was renumbered "1881", painted black with silver stripes, and leased to a Hollywood company for use in the filming of the horror movie Terror Train (1980), starring Jamie Lee Curtis. In 1980, the locomotive was repainted with a color scheme used by Canadian Pacific in the 1930s. The black, gold, and Tuscan red paint job was popular with railroad enthusiasts and photographers. The number 1293 was also restored to the engine. In February 1982, the headlights, handrails, and cab roof of 1293 were damaged when the roof of a Steamtown storage building gave way to heavy snow.

Although the Steamtown Special History Study reasoned that, since this type of locomotive had historically operated in New England, perhaps as far south as Boston, it qualified to be part of the federal government's collection, the Canadian native sat unused for 12 years following the move to Scranton. Ohio Central Railroad System purchased it in 1996, and it underwent a 13-month restoration.


As of July 2010, Ohio Central Railroad has lost control of most of its holdings, but owner Jerry Joe Jacobson still maintains a small collection of vintage equipment including CPR 1293 and her sister, CPR 1278, which is also a veteran of Steamtown, USA operational locomotives. No. 1293 is still operational as of 2009.


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