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Campanula americana

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Campanulaceae
Scientific name  Campanula americana
Order  Asterales
Species  C. americana
Rank  Genus
Campanula americana American Bellflower Campanula americana Guide to Kansas Plants
Similar  Campanula alliariifolia, Campanula arvatica, Campanula sarmatica, Campanula rapunculoides, Campanula garganica

How to pronounce campanula americana

Campanula americana, the American bellflower, is a tall bellflower native to eastern North America from the Great Lakes region south to Florida and from the Dakotas east to New York. This native plant is an annual or biennial from 2-6' tall. Its flowers are light blue to violet and are usually arranged in elongated clusters. It is an unusual bellflower in that its flowers are usually flat and not bell-shaped. It has a varying life-history with seeds germinating in the fall producing annual plants and spring-germinating seeds producing biennial plants. It is generally insect-pollinated, and does not usually self-pollinate.

Some authorities, including the USDA Plants database consider the name Campanulastrum americanum to be the valid and correct name for this species.

Campanula americana Campanula americana page
Campanula americana Campanula americana page

Campanula americana Nature Search TALL BELLFLOWER Campanula americana BELLFLOWER
Campanula americana Tall Bellflower 2001 and 2003


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