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Campa Cola

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Introduced  1977
Founded  1977
Country of origin  India
Type of business  Cola
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Manufacturer  Campa Beverages Private Limited
Related products  Thums Up, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola.

Bmc officials to reach campa cola society for eviction

Campa Cola is a soft drink brand in India. It was a market leader in most regions of India for a period spanning several years until the advent of the foreign players Pepsi and Coca-Cola after the liberalisation policy of the P. V. Narasimha Rao Government in 1991.


Campa Cola was a drink created by the Pure Drinks Group in the 1970s. The Pure Drinks Group pioneereed the Indian soft drink industry when it introduced Coca-Cola into India in 1949, and were the sole manufacturers and distributors of Coca-Cola till the 1970s when Coke was asked to leave. The Pure Drinks Group and Campa Beverages Pvt. Ltd. virtually dominated the entire Indian soft drink industry for about 15 years, and then started Campa Cola during the absence of foreign competition. The brand's slogan was "The Great Indian Taste", an appeal to nationalism.

Following the return of foreign corporations to the soft drink market in the 1990s popularity of Campa Cola declined. In 2000-2001 the bottling plant and offices in Delhi were closed. In 2009 a small amount of product was still being bottled in the state of Haryana but the drink was hard to find.

Standoff between residents bmc at campa cola compound mumbai


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