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Camp Confidential

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Author  Melissa J. Morgan
Number of books  25
Camp Confidential Tween Books for Girls amp Camp Confidential Available
Books  Natalie's Secret, Jenna's dilemma, Grace's Twist, Alex's challenge, TTYL

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Camp Confidential is a US book series for preteens written by Melissa J. Morgan. It focuses around a group of girls at Camp Lakeview (Later Camp Walla Walla). There are 25 books in this series so far. The series is also sold in the UK under the name Summer Camp Secrets published by Usborne Publishing.


Camp Confidential Tween Books for Girls amp Camp Confidential Available

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Camp Confidential TopsyTurvy book 24 in the Camp Confidential Series
  1. Natalie's Secret
  2. Jenna's Dilemma
  3. Grace's Twist
  4. Alex's Challenge
  5. TTYL
  6. RSVP
  7. Second Time's the Charm
  8. Wish You Weren't Here
  9. Best (Boy) Friend Forever
  10. Over and Out
  11. Falling In Like
  12. Winter Games
  13. A Fair To Remember
  14. Hide and Shriek (Scary Super Special)
  15. Reality Bites
  16. Golden Girls
  17. Freaky Tuesday
  18. And the Winner Is...
  19. Charmed Forces (Super Special)
  20. Suddenly Last Summer
  21. Reunion (Super Special)
  22. Extra Credit
  23. Politically Incorrect
  24. Topsy-Turvy
  25. In It To Win It

Female campers

Camp Confidential And the Winner Is book 18 in the Camp Confidential Series by

Natalie Goode- Natalie lives in New York City and is a city girl, so when she finds out she has to go to Camp Lakeview, she isn't happy about the idea. But eventually she learns to love it and loves all the girls in her bunk and decides to come back for the second summer. She is the daughter of Tad Maxwell, a famous movie star. Her favorite free choice activities are newspaper and ceramics. Her best friends at camp are Alyssa and Tori, and her best friend at home is Hannah. She used to date two boys, Simon and Logan.

Camp Confidential Camp Confidential Books

Alyssa Shin- Alyssa is very artsy, shy and the quiet best friend of Natalie. She loves art and lives in Southern New Jersey. Her wardrobe consists of ripped jeans, paint-spattered shorts, and black t-shirts.In Jenna's Dilemma, she dyes her hair "Ronald-McDonald red." In Charmed Forces she discovers her psychic powers that came from a purple amethyst and makes many accurate predictions about her bunkmates... she even makes an accurate prediction that it snows in July! She doesn't go to Walla Walla. IM name: Alyssa11

Camp Confidential TTYL by Melissa J Morgan for Camp Confidential

Alex Kim- Alex is a Camp Lakeview veteran who loves soccer, her nickname, Mia Hamm. In Book 4 it is revealed that she has juvenile diabetes. She is also a perfectionist, never accepting anything below an A+, and always liking things to be neat and tidy. Her favorite free period activity is sports. Her best friends at camp are Brynn and Jenna, and her best friend at home is Bridgette. Her boyfriend is Adam Bloom, Jenna's twin brother. It is stated in books 1 and 4 that her father is a lawyer and her mother is an art teacher. She doesn't go to Walla Walla. IM name: SoccerLover

Camp Confidential httpsimagesnasslimagesamazoncomimagesI5

Grace Matthews- Grace is the comedian of the group but has trouble paying attention. She is a great actress and singer. She has trouble with schoolwork, especially with her reading. In Grace's Twist it is revealed that she failed reading and has to read books over the summer to make up for it. Her favorite free period activities are drama and nature. She lives in South Jersey. Her best friend at camp is Jenna, and in the second and third summers her best friend is Brynn, but during the first summer Grace become "best friends" with a girl from 3A (their rivals) named Gaby Parsons, who ends up not being so nice at all by lying to Grace, telling the girls in 3C her secrets, and by saying snarky things to her. Her best friend at home is Emily, though she and Lara are good friends too. She had a short-lived crush on Devon and Spence. In third grade she was caught daydreaming and was called Spacey Gracie for the rest of the year, so she hates being called Gracie. She misses the first two weeks of the third year because she failed English and went to summer school. She ends up not coming back for the fourth summer because she went to acting camp. She did not go to Walla Walla. IM name: Grrrace.

Camp Confidential StorySnoops Children39s Book Reviews Camp Confidential 2 Jenna39s

Jenna Bloom- Jenna is a master prankster and like Alex, is a Camp Lakeview veteran. She also doesn’t like boys in the first summer but later on she is not as disgusted with them, and she actually starts liking them. Her favorite free period activity is sports. Her best friend at camp is Alex. Her boyfriend is David but they broke up because of long distance. Jenna's favorite camp activity is Color War. She is into sports just like Alex. Her family also used to go to Lakeview. She has a sister and older brother that went to the same camp. She has a twin brother who she sometimes is annoyed by, Adam. Her family sometimes calls her Boo, although she wants them to stop. Apparently, when she was little she loved peek-a-boo. She also collects bumper stickers. She went to Walla Walla and loved it because they are so into sports. She and David decided to become just friends. IM name: Aries8

Camp Confidential Camp ConfidentialSeries OverDrive eBooks audiobooks and videos

Chelsea- Chelsea is the 'mean' girl of the bunk. She tends to put other down and pick on others, especially Karen. When it is revealed that her dad has cancer, the other girls realize she's not so mean and has a wonderful heart. You just have to look into her character more, and it is mostly starts to reveal in RSVP and Hide and Shriek. She never had a boyfriend before, but had a crush on Spence. Her BFF at camp is Gaby. She returns to Walla Walla and hung out with Jenna. She has a crush on Connor and got eliminated from assassin because Sarah lied and said Chelsea cheated when she really didn't. She lives in the Philadelphia area. IM name: Chelsea1

Camp Confidential Camp Confidential images Charmed Forces Camp Confidential Book 19

Gaby Parsons- Gaby was in 3A, 3C's rival bunk, and befriended Grace, but eventually began to bully her. In the second and third summers, it is found out that she's not that mean, and she volunteers at a children's hospital. However, in her third year she lies to her whole cabin about her family relations and tries to run away from Camp Lakeview campgrounds and hitchhiked. She has a boyfriend named Donovon in the 19th book. She lives in the Philadelphia area. Her BFF at camp is Chelsea. She didn't go to Walla Walla. IM Name: GabyFaby

Camp Confidential Camp ConfidentialSeries OverDrive eBooks audiobooks and videos

Karen- She brought tons of stuffed animals to camp in the first summer. Being the 'quiet girl' of the group, Karen always got picked on by Chelsea. In the second summer she finally emerges from her shell and bosses Chelsea back. Her BFF is Chelsea, although Chelsea just pushes her around in the first summer. She didn't come back in the third summer. Karen lives in Chicago. She didn't go to Walla Walla. IM name: SleepyKaren

Candace - Candace likes to repeat what other people say and doesn't have opinions of her own. She has this repeating problem because of a bad habit she picked up in an all-weekend speech class. She lives in the Boston area. She's very smart but has trouble in math (noted in Freaky Tuesday)Brynn went to the same private school as Candace. She also had a boyfriend named Drew. No one would've guessed Candace was so popular.Donovan had asked her to go to the Mid-Summer Dance but,she kept a promise to her parents to focus on sailing and college so she turned him down.

Brynn Collins - Brynn is the self-proclaimed "Drama Queen" of the group. She loves causing and getting in trouble. She's already gotten suspended and expelled, but her friends try to help her get out of trouble. She is best friends with Alex. Her favorite free period activity is drama. She lives in the Boston area. Her boyfriend is Jordan who is also Priya's best friend, and in #18, is said that they broke up. In 19, they try "playing it cool" and realize that doesn't work, so they became boyfriend and girlfriend again. She also goes to school with Candace in Freaky Tuesday and becomes a "geek"'.She went to Walla Walla and Natalie thought she was hitting on Reed, Natalie's boyfriend at the time, but really he was just Brynn's assassin target.(SHAME) IM name:BrynnWins

Sarah Peyton- Sarah is one of the jocks. At home, she is a bookworm. She doesn't return for the third summer, because of a sports camp. She especially loves softball/baseball. Her favorite free period activity is obviously sports. Like Jenna, she doesn't like boys and isn't interested in having a boyfriend—until she meets David. Sarah lives in the Boston area. Her BFF at camp and at home is Abby. She doesn't come back in the 19th book. In Reunion, at Camp Walla Walla, she ignores the Lakeview girls because she told Avery and several other Walla Walla campers that Natalie's life story was her own and that her dad was Tad Maxwell. But she got caught lying when Tad Maxwell himself came for a private Walla Walla movie premiere. And she wins assassin. The girls all ended up forgiving her. IM Name: SarahSports

Abby-She is Sarah's best friend and they go to school together. At first when she starts at the camp, Sarah and her don't like each other much but soon realize they are very alike.They actually end up becoming inseparable. Doesn't go on camp blog much.

Valerie Williams- She loves African dance but she doesn't like her stepsister LaToya (LT for short). Her favorite free period activity is wood working.In the first summer her BFF was Sarah.In the last summer she was BFF's with Candace, who was also her sailing partner. She didn't go to Camp Walla Walla. She lives in the Pennsylvania area. IM name: Valfrog

Tori Ann- She's from L.A. and has Hollywood connections. She and Natalie get to know each other, and become best friends. Also, she and Alyssa seem to grow close later. In Winter Games, she also invites 5 people to go Lake Tahoe with her. Her boyfriend is Michael Stevenson, son of famous actor Cameron Stevenson. In "Second Times the Charm" she had a crush on Simon,until she found out about Simon and Nat. Tori has blonde hair and has the latest makeup from her mom. She didn't go to Walla Walla. She goes to a camp in Hawaii called Camp Ohana. IM name: Tori90210

Sloan- She knows about psychic things, partly because her mom is a past life regression therapist. She comes to camp in the 19th book and organizes the protest in the book "Suddenly Last Summer". She lives in Arizona and has a brother. She did go to Walla Walla and develops a crush on Miles in book #23.

Tricia Bennett- Tricia is the daughter of the president. She comes to Walla Walla for the Green Festival and treats Natalie (her camp guide) really meanly. She ends up using her big speech for the Green Festival to apologize to Natalie and stays for the rest of the camp session instead of a week. Does not recycle often.

Priya Shah - Priya was not mentioned much in the first summer at camp because she was in 3B. She is an Indian American. Readers, however, got to know her better in the 9th book, Best (Boy)friend Forever and is best friends with Jordan. Priya once had a crush on her best friend, Jordan, but got over it soon when she found out that Brynn liked him. She once had a slight crush on Spence. Is a tomboy. She did go to Walla Walla. IM name: Pree

Amy - Amy is an amethyst that Alyssa found on the grounds of Camp Lakeview on the first day of camp in Charmed Forces. When Alyssa found the rock she took it to the nature shack with her book called The Geologist's Handbook. Then she found out that Amy has psychic powers, so Alyssa made predictions using Amy, and all her predictions came true. Alyssa later finds out Amy belongs to a younger camper named Gwenda who is obsessed with science and was planning on using Amy for her Nature Shack project but offers to give her back to Alyssa after her project is finished.

Lainie Wilcox - Lainie is a Camp Lakeview legacy who happens to be a bully. In the 16th book, Golden Girls, she intimidates Natalie and tells her that she admires her. Natalie later finds out Lainie is using her to get tips on how to get a boy to go out with her but when Lainie finds out that is the same boy Natalie is crushing on, she completely turns her back on her. Lainie does not like Tori, although for most of the book Natalie cannot see that.

Jessica - Jessica only goes by Jessie. She's Candace's best friend, and doesn't come back the third summer.

Avery Chace - Avery is introduced as the mean girl at Camp Walla Walla in Reunion, but turns out to be okay. We get to know her better when camp's over. She, like Jenna Bloom, has a twin brother Peter Chace. He doesn't attend Camp Walla Walla, but we learn more about him when camp's finished.

Joanna-Joanna appears in book 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25. She goes to Walla Walla, but not Lakeview. Her target in Assassin is Avery, and her mom and dad split up. IM name:JoannaRihanna

AnikaNot mentioned very much, only in book 21. Is friendly, laidback, and warm. Has natural highlights in hair, and white teeth. From New Zealand. Been all over the US for several outdoor trips. She loves puppies. She once toured rain forest in Brazil, and completed bike challenge along California Coasts. IM name: NeeksDoesntReek

Male campers

Adam Bloom- Jenna's twin brother, and a prankster. He is one of the best photographers at Camp Lakeview. He is also good at sports like Jenna. His girlfriend is Alex. He also gets nervous with Alex when he is around his father. In one book he admits he gets nervous when he's with his dad and Alex and that's when they come together. He didn't go to Walla Walla because he was doing sports back at home. (Book #13)

Simon- He is a cool, laid back guy. He used to date Nat due to the fact of a horrible nature hike. Sometimes he doesn't pay attention to the things around him. He and Nat broke up due to long distance. He's sweet and smart in nature. He is mentioned twice after his breakup with Natalie, but is never heard from or seen again, in the book. He plays many different instruments, and his favorite color is blue. He didn't go to Walla Walla.

Devon- His crush is Grace because they are both into drama. He didn't come in the third summer because he went to Hawaii on vacation. He didn't go to Walla Walla, and wasn't heard from or seen again in the book after his vacation.

Trevor- He used to date Alyssa. He didn't go to Walla Walla, and wasn't heard from or seen in the book after that.

Blake- He appears stuck-up at first. He is rich. Blake's uncle is Dr. Steve, the director of the camp. The more the series progresses, he seems to be an honest friend. He is also a prankster who makes Jenna think they might be able to make friends, but like Jenna he can drag pranks and prank wars too far. He didn't go to Walla Walla, and was not heard from or seen again.

David- He appears to be annoying, but he is sweet, daring, and funny. He has two crushes, Jenna and Sarah; he first goes out with Sarah before realizing he likes Jenna. He is actually Jenna's first crush. He later realizes he likes Sarah and gets back with her at Camp Walla Walla.

Jordan- He is Priya's best friend and is dating Brynn. He later breaks up with her but then they get back together. He has a hard time focusing in school. He appears disgusting (around the guys and Priya), and picky with his food, but he is loving and funny. IM name: imnotmichaelJORDAN

Spence- He is known as the flirt. He wears glasses and has blue eyes. He has a crush on Priya, Chelsea, and Grace. Takes Grace to social in book 15. He didn't go to Walla Walla.

Logan- Dated Natalie. In the 19th book, they get together again but then break up because of the long distance.They get back together though in book 19. He didn't go to Walla Walla.

Donovan- In the 19th book, he takes Spence's place as the flirt. Every single girl at Camp Lakeview is in love with him, especially the girls in 6B. It is known that Chelsea, Gaby, Priya, Valerie, Natalie, and a 5th year blond girl flirt with him. (Tori states that she is "off the market" because of Michael). At the end of the book, Donovan asks Candace to the Midsummer's Dance with him, and Candace says no because she doesn't want a boyfriend, and she said if she won the boating race she wouldn't go. Gaby willingly asks Donovan to the dance right after and he says yes. Finally, in mid-dance, Donovan takes Gaby to the woods and kisses her on the lips; and even a French kiss. He didn't go to Walla Walla.

Reed- He and Natalie go out, and he comes to Walla Walla with her, but apparently likes pampering himself more than Natalie and he was flirting with Brynn, which is why Natalie broke up with him. In the middle of camp at Walla Walla, he can't handle it, so he goes home. He went to Walla Walla but did not go to Camp Lakewiew IM name: Bicoastalboy

Miles-He is part Inuit and falls for Sloan in book #23. He helped her to organize the Green Festival.

Connor-Meets Chelsea at Walla Walla and develops a crush on her which leads to a relationship.

Peter Chace-He is Avery's twin brother and is into acting. In book #22 he pretended to like Sarah because he wanted to get connections but failed since that was the lie that Sarah told everybody at camp. In book #25, he is forced to go to the Walla Walla reunion and dress as a cheerleader and the girls as the football players. Natalie coaches the cheerleaders and when Natalie finds out that Peter is here, things get slightly out of hand. She was still angry at him for hurting Sarah. Into the book, Peter finds out that he has feelings for Nat and she gives him another chance. They get together after.


Julie (counselor) - She is the counselor for 3C in the first summer. She acts very peppy. She is very responsible for the girls and she challenges the girls to new limits.

Marissa (C.I.T.) - She is one of the "coolest" C.I.T.s and is a camp legend. She is also very girly and bonds with Natalie in the first summer and helps Jenna overcome her fear of diving. She is Stephanie's best friend and also works in the mess hall. She apparently gives great advice.

Nate (counselor) - He is the counselor for 3F in the first summer. He is trendy but not a "push-over" even though he lets some things go.

Pete (counselor)(mess hall staff) - He was a camp counselor until the first summer when he changed to the food staff.And is a HORRIBLE cook! He's one of the most popular staff. The final summer at Lakeview though, Pete hadn't appeared.

LJ(mess hall staff) - He is a funny kitchen worker. He said that he would reveal what his initials stand for at the final banquet.

Dr. Steve (camp director) - He is nice and has many great ideas for the camp. He dresses very tacky sometimes and can be strict when it comes to pranks. Alex and Jenna nicknamed him Dr. Flutterbug because he tends to blink a lot and twitch while making speeches.

Stephanie (CIT) - In the first summer she is introduced as the CIT for 3A and also Jenna's older sister, who acts like a mother to Jenna at camp. Marissa, the CIT for 3C, is her best friend even though 3C is 3A's rival bunk.

Belle (counselor) - She is the girls' counselor in the third summer. She does Tae Kwon Doe and the girls think she's a vampire at first. (Hide and Shriek.)

Marissa:-(CIT)Comes into the book in the third series. She is said to be a camper the summer before. (Hide and Shriek)

Andie (counselor)- A bubbly counselor in the second summer who surprisingly supports the rivalry between bunks. She is new to Camp Lakeview and it is said that the summer before she worked at a camp in upstate New York. The counselor for Bunk 4A.

Mia(CIT)- Is a CIT who doesn't appear until the second summer. She likes sports. The CIT for Bunk 4A. She is the CIT for Andie. She also has a twin sister who was in Australia at the time.

Tyler(swim instructor) - He is stated one of the hottest guys at camp; even Jenna admits it. Stephanie and Tyler seem to like each other, even though Jenna played an embarrassing prank on her. He's sweet and fun.

Roseanne(nature counselor) - Very active and always thinking up new activities for the campers to do.

Mandy (counselor)- She is the counselor in the sixth division. She does not believe in magic until the end of book #19.

Nate (counselor) - He is 3F's counselor. He always disapproves of Jenna's pranks on Adam and the rest of his bunk.

Kathleen (division head) - She is energetic and in charge of the third division.

Brian (sports counselor) - He is in charge of sports. He came from Australia and has a thick Australian accent. It is important to him that everyone has a good time. He tried hard to get Natalie to participate more, but she still wasn't interested.

Keith (newspaper specialist) - He worked on a small computer magazine published in New Jersey but has never worked on an actual newspaper.

Beth (swim instructor) - She is always coming up with new ways to convince Natalie how to get in the water. They do not work, but Nat gives her an A for effort.

Lizzie: She is the counselor for 3c's rival bunk in the first summer. Stephanie is a CIT with her.

Becky: She is the counselor for bunk 6B. She is the counselor in the end of the summer.

Dahlia: She is the CIT for Bunk 6B in the end of the summer. She is the CIT for Becky.

Becky She is 4C's counsellor in the second year.

Sophie She is 4C's CIT in the second summer. She is the CIT for Becky.


Hannah- NYC, fashion opposed girly-girl. Her mom is an African ambassador. Nat's home best friend. She might be like Natalie, but sometimes she feels like Natalie is growing up way faster than her. In one book Hannah meets Nat's friends and doesn't like them.

Bridgette- Alex's BFF from home.

Nicole- Jenna's best friend. She has been said to throw cool parties, but in TTYL, Jenna thought they were not fun at all.

Kallista Goldman- Tori's best friend. Her father is a famous director in Hollywood. She was with Tori when she met Michael.

LaToya- Valerie's stepsister, she tries to keep Valerie from doing her best in dance but even though she's mean she might have been the one who pushed Valerie into dance.

Michael Stevenson- Michael is Tori's boyfriend, mentioned in the early books, but appears more in "And The Winner Is...." IM name: MichaelS

Kyle- He is a boy who is from Natalie's school. He was crushing on Natalie and he was jealous of Simon. He has a kind personality but can get too carried away. He told everyone Natalie and him were a couple, just because they hung out once when skating in Central Park, which Natalie is very used to doing.

Max- He is Candace's brother and only appears in book #17. He is smart but sometimes pushes Candace too much.

Matt Bloom- Jenna's older brother who loves science (Jenna often refers to him as a science geek). He sends her lots of bumper stickers for her collection.

Tad Maxwell- He is the father of Natalie Goode. He is an international movie star. In book# 18 he got nominated to be in the Academy Awards and Natalie got to come and bring Tori along; however he did not win.

Josie McLaughlan- Tad Maxwell's girlfriend, a young starlet on the rise. Josie and Natalie Goode are quite close.

Chelsea's dad- Chelsea's father who seems to be very nice. In Book #5 TTYL, her father got cancer and the girls tried to help Chelsea through it.

Leslie Graff- Leslie Graff doesn't go to Camp Lakeview, but she does go to the same school as Priya Shah. In the book "Falling in Like", Priya and Leslie get paired as science fair partners. The book reveals that Leslie is one of the smartest girls in her school, and is described by her mother as "an old hand at science fairs." She is also said to be intense and very focused on winning. IM name: LGraff

Nicole- She is Tori's cousin who also went to Camp Lakeview until one year when her bunkmates cousin got attacked by Cropsy. Book #14.

Cropsy (aka Mr. Cropwell)- A man whose dream never came true. Scary stories have been made up about him. Book #14.

Riley- Riley has an uncle that works at a hotdog stand next to Priya's mom's smoothie stand at the local mall. Riley is in 8th grade and Priya is in 7th at the time. Riley likes Priya and helps her and her mom with their grand opening. He is never heard of, seen or talked about again. Book #11.

Manzuma- She is Valerie and LaToya's dance teacher. Book #11.

'Cassie'- Tori's older cousin who in the 20th book asks her to go to a surfing camp just recently after Camp Lakeview shuts down. In Camp Confidential Tori ends up going with Cassie who is a pro surfer but doesn't want to admit it. Also, Cassie has a crush on Micah who has recently broken up with her enemy, Danica. They eventually get together.

Ashanti Utu- She is a famous dancer that comes to see Valerie, LaToya and three other girls dance. Book #11.

Drew- One of Brynn's new drama friends and Candace's boyfriend in #17.

Winnie Jackson- In book #19 she stole Alyssa's notebook then apologized on Jordan's tattler page.

Gwenda- A TOTAL science geek she says: "Science is my world!" Amy really was Gwenda's but was given to Alyssa after a science fair.


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