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Camanachd Cup

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Camanachd Cup

The Camanachd Association Challenge Cup a.k.a. the Camanachd Cup or Scottish Cup is the premier prize in the sport of shinty. It is one of the five trophies considered to be part of the Grand Slam in the sport of shinty.


The present holders are Newtonmore who won the cup 1-0 against Oban Camanachd in September 2016. This is Newtonmore's 31st title, a record.

The tournament

The tournament was first played in 1896 with Kingussie beating Glasgow Cowal 2-0 at Needlefield Park, Inverness.

At present the tournament is contested by the eligible teams in North and South Division 1 (and from 2014, National Division One), together with the teams in the Premiership, who join the competition at the second round stage. There was formerly a Qualifying Cup.

Traditionally, the trophy was competed for on a North/South basis with the best team from the North facing the best team from the South only in the final. In 1983 the open draw was introduced which resulted in the first, and until 2012, only all-South final, between Kyles and Strachur. 1984 saw the first ever All-North final and first ever final clash between heated rivals Kingussie and Newtonmore.

Four teams have won the trophy three times in a row, Newtonmore, Kingussie, Kyles Athletic and Fort William.

The highest margin of victory was in 1997 when Kingussie hammered Newtonmore 12-1. The highest scoring final, and the previous largest margin of victory was held by Newtonmore themselves, 11-3 with Furnace in 1907.

Only Furnace (1923) and Newtonmore (2013) have gone through the competition without conceding a goal.

In 2006, the Cup had its first ever televised draw on BBC Scotland sports programme Spòrs, with the final also being broadcast live.

The trophy

The trophy itself was made after public donation in 1896 and, as befits such a Blue Riband event, the cup is designed and constructed by Hamilton and Inches, Edinburgh. The player on the lid was modelled from Jock Dallas who played for Kingussie and whose great grandson, Ally Dallas, still plays for Kingussie.

In 2006, the ancient trophy made its way to New York City for the Tartan Day celebrations, the first time it had ever left Scotland.

Due to the rumbunctious nature of the celebrations of victorious teams leaving the trophy in a fragile state,(drinking whisky from the bowl is a traditional ritual and on one occasion the trophy was abandoned and then found in Somerled Square, Portree, after Skye Camanachd's 1990 victory, as everybody had assumed somebody else was looking after it), the board of directors at the Camanachd Association took the decision to have the trophy renovated and a replica of the trophy made for presentation after finals. The replica was to be ready for the centenary final in 2007 in Inverness but the cost of a replica were considered prohibitive and therefore the original trophy is still used.

The Final

The final is usually played on a rotation system, with An Aird in Fort William, the Bught Park in Inverness and Mossfield Park in Oban hosting the final. In recent years the final has also been held in Dunoon and at Old Anniesland in Glasgow.

The 2011 final was the first ever to go to extra time; no final has ever required penalties.

The Man of the Match has been awarded the Albert Smith Medal since 1972.

Recent Finals

Between the years of 1990 (when Skye defeated Newtonmore) and 2012 (When Kyles Athletic defeated Inveraray) there was not a final which did not feature either Kingussie or Fort William.

Kyles Athletic won the Cup in 1994, the match refereed by John Henderson of Caol. Captain David Taylor received the trophy from Peter Cullen of sponsor Glenmorangie Distillery Co. Mr Cullen died on 7 December 2011 in Edinburgh.

Oban Camanachd won the trophy in 1996, The Centennial Final, under the management of Colin MacDonald. Ron Millican (Kiltarlity) refereed. BBC Radio Scotland provided live coverage with commentary by Iain Anderson. This was a repeat of the 1993 final.

The 2009 final was held at Mossfield Park, Oban between Kyles Athletic and holders Fort William on 19 September. An exciting final saw Fort William take a 3-0 lead before being pegged back to 3-3 by a Kyles comeback with 10 minutes to go. Fort William achieved a three in a row streak however thanks to a late goal by James "Big Jim" Clark and won the game 4-3. The match was shown live on BBC 2 & BBC Alba. Ronnie Campbell refereed with the assistance of Billy MacLeod, Billy Witherspoon, Euan FS Pearson, Robert Baxter Jnr, Graham Irving and Dougie Cameron.

The 2010 final was played at the Bught Park on 18 September 2010 between holders Fort William and Kingussie, who have not won the trophy since 2006. Fort William won 3-2 with a last minute goal. Billy Wotherspoon refereed.

The 2011 final was played at the Bught yet again as An Aird is undergoing repair work. Newtonmore won the game 4-3 with an extra time goal. Derek Cameron refereed, assisted by John Crawford, Gus Campbell, Graeme MacMillan, Jock Matheson, Kevin Cheeseman and Iain Kennedy.

The 2012 final was played on 15 September at Mossfield Park, Oban. Kyles Athletic defeated Inveraray. The match was televised (BBC Two) with commentary from Gary Innes.

In 2013, Newtonmore lifted the trophy for the 30th time without conceding a goal the whole tournament.

The 2014 Camanachd Cup Final saw Kingussie win it for the 23rd time. This win also marked 100 years since Kingussie won 6-1 against Kyles at Possil Park in Glasgow. Four months after this final Britain declared war on Germany. By the end of 1918, six players of the winning team were dead, two had been shot and wounded, and one had been badly gassed. To commemorate this, the 2014 winning team wore specially-made shirts which included a remembrance poppy and the names of the 1914 players, including those who gave their lives.

In the 2015 final Lovats Goalkeeper Stuart MacDonald was the winner of the Albert smith medal as his side went on to win 2-1.

The 2016 final saw Oban return to the show-piece occasion but in an uneventful game, Newtonmore reclaimed the trophy for their 31st win.

Media coverage

The final of the Camanachd Cup gets shown live on BBC Two Scotland.


The first sponsors of the Camanachd Cup were whisky distillers Glenmorangie. They were then replaced by SSE Scottish Hydro. As of 2016 the cup does not have a sponsor.


1896 Kingussie 2, Glasgow Cowal 0, at Inverness

1897 Beauly 5, Brae Lochaber 0, at Inverness

1898 Beauly 2, Inverary 1, at Inverness

1899 Ballachulish 2, Kingussie 1, at Perth

1900 Kingussie 1, Furnace 0, at Perth, after drawn game at Inverness

1901 Ballachulish 2, Kingussie 1, at Inverness

1902 Kingussie 3, Ballachulish 1, at Inverness

1903 Kingussie awarded Cup after drawn game at Perth, with Inverary who refused to play at Inverness

1904 Kyles Athletic 4, Laggan 1, at Kingussie

1905 Kyles Athletic 2, Newtonmore 0, at Inverness

1906 Kyles Athletic 4, Newtonmore 2, at Inverness

1907 Newtonmore 7, Kyles Athletic 2, at Kingussie

1908 Newtonmore 5, Furnace 2, at Inverness

1909 Newtonmore 11, Furnace 3, at Glasgow

1910 Newtonmore 6, Furnace 1, at Kingussie

1911 Ballachulish 3, Newtonmore 1, at Lochaber in first game at Inverness, Newtonmore won 3-2, but protest granted to Ballachulish

1912 Ballachulish 4, Newtonmore 2, at Perth

1913 Beauly 3, Kyles Athletic 1, at Kingussie

1914 Kingussie 6, Kyles Athletic 1, at Glasgow

1915-19 No competition owing to Great War

1920 Kyles Athletic 2, Kingussie 1, at Glasgow, after drawn game, 0-0 at Inverness

1921 Kingussie 2, Kyles Athletic I, at Inverness

1922 Kyles Athletic 6, Beauly 3, at Oban

1923 Furnace 2, Newtonmore 0, at Inverness

1924 Kyles Athletic 2, Newtonmore 1, at Kingussie, after drawn game, 3-3, at Glasgow

1925 Inverary 2, Lovat 0, at Inverness

1926 Inverary 3, Spean Bridge 2, at Oban

1927 Kyles Athletic 2, Newtonmore 1, at Inverness

1928 Kyles Athletic 6, Boleskine 2, at Glasgow

1929 Newtonmore 5, Kyles Athletic 3, at Spean Bridge

1930 Inverary 2, Caberfeidh 1, at Oban

1931 Newtonmore 4, Inverary 1, at Inverness

1932 Newtonmore 1, Oban 0, at Glasgow

1933 Oban Camanachd 3, Newtonmore 2, at Keppoch, Lochaber, after drawn game, 1-1, at Corpach, Fort William

1934 Caberfeidh 3, Kyles Athletic 0, at Inveraray

1935 Kyles Athletic 6, Caberfeidh 4, at Inverness

1936 Newtonmore 1, Kyles Athletic 0. at Spean Bridge, after drawn game, 2-2, at Inverness

1937 Oban Celtic 2. Newtonmore 1, at Keppoch, after drawn game, 2-2 at Inverness

1938 Oban Camanachd 4, Inverness 2. at Oban

1939 Caberfeidh 2, Kyles Athletic 1, at Inverness

1940/46 No competition owing to Second World War

1947 Newtonmore 4, Lochfyneside 0, at Oban

1948 Newtonmore 4, Ballachulish 2, at Inverness

1949 Oban Celtic 1, Newtonmore 0, at Glasgow

1950 Newtonmore 4. Lochfyneside 2, at Oban

1951 Newtonmore 8, Oban Camanachd 2, at Inverness

1952 Inverness 3, Oban Celtic 2. at Glasgow

1953 Lovat 4, Kyles Athletic 1, at Fort William, after drawn game. 2-2, at Oban

1954 Oban Celtic 4. Newtonmore 1, at Inverness

1955 Newtonmore 5, Kyles Athletic 2, at Glasgow

1956 Kyles Athletic 4, Kilmallie 1, at Oban

1957 Newtonmore 3, Kyles Athletic 1, at Spean Bridge

1958 Newtonmore 3, Oban Camanachd 1, at Inverness

1959 Newtonmore 7, Kyles Athletic 3, at Glasgow

1960 Oban Celtic 4. Newtonmore 1, at Oban

1961 Kingussie 2. Oban Celtic 1, at Fort William

1962 Kyles Athletic 3, Kilmallie 1, at Inverness

1963 Oban Celtic 3, Kingussie 2, at Glasgow

1964 Kilmallie 4. Inverary 1, at Fort William

1965 Kyles Athletic 4, Kilmallie 1, at Oban

1966 Kyles Athletic 3. Newtonmore 2, at Inverness

1967 Newtonmore 3, Inverary 0, at Glasgow

1968 Kyles Athletic 2, Kingussie 1, at Oban, after drawn game, 3-3, at Fort William

1969 Kyles Athletic 3, Kilmallie 1, at Oban

1970 Newtonmore 7, Kyles Athletic 1, at Kingussie

1971 Newtonmore 7, Kyles Athletic 1, at Inverness

1972 Newtonmore 6, Oban Celtic 3 at Glasgow

1973 Glasgow Mid Argyll 4, Kingussie 2, at Fort William

1974 Kyles Athletic 4, Kingussie 1, at Oban

1975 Newtonmore 1, Kyles Athletic 0, at Fort William, after drawn game, 3-3, at Kingussie

1976 Kyles Athletic 4, Newtonmore 2, at Inverness

1977 Newtonmore 5, Kyles Athletic 3, at Glasgow

1978 Newtonmore 3, Kyles Athletic 2, at Fort William

1979 Newtonmore 4, Kyles Athletic 3, at Oban

1980 Kyles Athletic 6, Newtonmore 5, at Kingussie

1981 Newtonmore 4, Oban Camanachd 1, at Glasgow

1982 Newtonmore 8, Oban Celtic 2, at Inverness

1983 Kyles Athletic 3, Strachur and District 2, at Fort William

1984 Kingussie 4, Newtonmore 1, at Oban

1985 Newtonmore 4, Kingussie 2, at Kingussie

1986 Newtonmore 5, Oban Camanachd 1, at Glasgow

1987 Kingussie 4, Newtonmore 3, at Fort William

1988 Kingussie 4, Glenurquhart 2, at Inverness

1989 Kingussie 5, Newtonmore 1, at Oban

1990 Skye 4, Newtonmore 1, at Fort William

1991 Kingussie 3, Fort William 1, at Inverness

1992 Fort William 1, Kingussie 0, at Glasgow

1993 Kingussie 4, Oban Camanachd 0, at Fort William

1994 Kyles Athletic 3, Fort William 1, at Inverness

1995 Kingussie3, Oban Camanachd 2, at Oban

1996 Oban Camanachd 3, Kingussie 2, at Inverness

1997 Kingussie 12, Newtonmore 1, at Fort William

1998 Kingussie 7, Oban Camanachd 3, at Oban

1999 Kingussie 3, Oban Camanachd 0, at Kingussie

2000 Kingussie 3, Kyles Athletic 1, at Fort William

2001 Kingussie 2, Oban Camanachd 0, at Glasgow

2002 Kingussie 3, Inverary 2, at Inverness

2003 Kingussie 6, Fort William 0, at Fort William

2004 Inverary 1, Fort William 0, at Oban

2005 Fort William 3, Kilmallie 2, at Fort William

2006 Kingussie 4, Fort William 2, at Dunoon

2007 Fort William 3, Inveraray 1, at Inverness

2008 Fort William 2, Kingussie 1, at Fort William

2009 Fort William 4, Kyles Athletic 3, at Oban

2010 Fort William 3, Kingussie 2, at Inverness

2011 Newtonmore 4, Kingussie 3, at Inverness, (A.E.T.)

2012 Kyles Athletic 6, Inverary 5, at Oban

2013 Newtonmore 3, Kyles Athletic 0, at Fort William

2014 Kingussie 4, Glenurquhart 0, at Inverness

2015 Lovat 2, Kyles Athletic 1, at Oban

2016 Newtonmore 1, Oban Camanachd 0, at Fort William


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