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Genre  TelenovelaDrama
Original language(s)  Spanish
First episode date  27 July 2009
Number of episodes  135
Program creator  Televisa
6.6/10 IMDb

Country of origin  Mexico
No. of seasons  1
Final episode date  29 January 2010
Number of seasons  1
Camaleones httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen882Cam

Starring  BelindaAlfonso HerreraEdith GonzálezGuillermo García CantúSherlynPee Wee
Opening theme  "Sal De Mi Piel" by Belinda
Cast  Belinda, Alfonso Herrera, Pee Wee, Sherlyn, Edith González
Similar  Las tontas no van al cielo, Triunfo del amor, La Madrastra, La fea más bella, Un gancho al corazón

Camaleones 1 cap tulo parte 1

Camaleones (Chameleons) is a 2009/2010 Mexican neo-noir vigilante heist thriller telenovela produced by Televisa. The soap opera premiered on Mexico's Canal de las Estrellas, replacing the completed TV series Verano de Amor. Camaleones is produced by Rosy Ocampo (a.k.a. La Campestre or Rosy la del Campo), who has produced several popular telenovelas, such as Amor sin Maquillaje, Las Tontas No Van al Cielo and La Fea Mas Bella. Filming took place in Mexico City and Xochitepec in June 2009, and lasted approximately 7 months. The telenovela premiered on Univision in the United States on May 4, 2010.


Belinda, Alfonso Herrera and Edith González star as the protagonists, while Guillermo García Cantú, José Luis Reséndez, Grettell Valdez and Manuel "Flaco" Ibáñez star as the antagonists.

Isis mosca y guilerme cantu en camaleones novela televisa mexico

Plot and themes

Camaleones is the story of Valentina and Sebastian, who are both skilled thieves. They are united when a man they call "El Amo" forces them to commit crimes posing as a prefect and an art teacher at the school of San Bartolome. They have to play along in order to protect their loved ones.

They work together and say they are brother and sister. They become friends and then fall in love, although something always seems to come between them and their love. They discover many things about "El Amo", and they begin to hate each other because of the lies which "El Amo" had told them. Then, they decide to go separate ways: Sebastian with his father and Valentina as far away as she can.

But before they can leave the area, the police arrive, and when they are about to take Valentina and Sebastian, she shouts Sebastian's name and says she is pregnant. While in jail, the captain receives a video saying Valentina and Sebastian are innocent, and they are scheduled for release.

Valentina gets out a few hours earlier. When she sees one of the teachers on top of the roof of the school building crying, she goes up there to speak to her, and she says that "Augusto" killed many people. Augusto shows up on top of the roof and decides to kill Valentina with his gun. "El Amo" shows up too and tells him he is the father of the man whom he killed years ago, revealing himself to be Leonidas, the school gardener.

When Leonidas fights off Augusto, Augusto shoots him, then Leonidas pushes Augusto off the roof, killing him. Leonidas (El Amo) also dies from the wound. Meanwhile, Solange's mom shows up with Sebastian, and she sees that Augusto and Leonidas are dead.

Two months later, Valentina and Sebastian are finally together and happy because she is pregnant. Everyone is celebrating that everyone is graduating from school, and Solange decides to stay and not go to the United States for college, a decision that makes Francisca and Ulises happy. The soap opera ends with Valentina and Sebastian kissing, while the band Camaleones sings a song.

Mexico broadcast

  • Release dates, episode name & length, and ratings based on Televisa' broadcast.
  • Music

  • Within the frame of the soap formed a band called Camaleones, composed of various actors in the same.
  • Some topics that sounded within the plot are:
  • Bossa - Belinda
  • Lolita - Belinda
  • Planeta - Belinda
  • Religión - Belinda
  • Rosas
  • Sal De Mi Piel - Belinda
  • Tan feliz - Pee Wee
  • Una hermosa historia - Camaleones
  • Wacko (instrumental)
  • Released on DVD

    As they released a CD with the songs of the telenovela, the May 14, 2010 was released a DVD.


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