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Calculator (comics)

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DC Comics

Played by
Jason Spisak

Bob Rozakis, Mike Grell

Full name
Noah Kuttler

Batman: Bad Blood

Fictional universe
DC Universe

Calculator (comics) Diametrically Opposed Oracle Calculator Modern Mythologies

Created by
Bob Rozakis (writer)Mike Grell (artist)

Team affiliations
Fearsome FiveSecret Society of Super Villains

Computer genius and expert strategist with access to a range of high-tech gear and loyal criminal contacts.Technopathy & Cyberpathy; able to access the internet without a computer and manipulate machinery with his mind.

First appearance
Detective Comics #463 (September 1976)

Secret Society of Super Villains

Nyssa Raatko, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Spy Smasher, Lady Vic, Francine Langstrom

The Calculator (Noah Kuttler) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.


Publication history

Calculator first appeared in Detective Comics #463 (September 1976), and he was created by Bob Rozakis and Mike Grell.

Calculator (comics) Playing The Numbers 39Arrow39 Casts Tom Amandes To Play DC Villain

As is commonplace in comics, the character was based on a topical event or trend; in this case, Noah Kuttler took his powers and costume design from the recently popular pocket calculator. His costume had a large numerical keypad on the front and a LED display on the headpiece. When he typed upon the keypad, he could make "hard light" constructs appear from the headpiece, fashioning tools and weapons in the style of Green Lantern's power ring.

Fictional character biography

Calculator (comics) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen443Bir

He was featured in a series of one-shot adventures in Detective Comics, stealing objects "when they are their most valuable" and fighting many Justice League members. As he was defeated by hero after hero, he presses a special button on his keypad that would (as it was revealed to the reader in a thought balloon) "turn defeat into victory". After months of appearances, the Calculator's scheme is revealed. The button somehow analyzes the powers or tactics of the hero defeating him, and effectively inoculates him from ever being defeated by that hero ever again. This immunity manifests itself as a force field, rendering a hero unable to touch or otherwise affect The Calculator. This of course meant he could only be defeated by a new hero; fortunately the heroes had many allies to draw upon. The Calculator could also be defeated when his own weaponry was turned against him.

Calculator (comics) Calculator Character Comic Vine

The Calculator made intermittent appearances in DC titles over the years, such as Blue Beetle and Hero Hotline. In the 2004 miniseries Identity Crisis, he was revamped as a non-costumed villainous analogue to Oracle; a source of information for supervillains planning heists, offering suggestions of weaponry, assisting with logistics, etc. — but charging $1,000 per question, unlike Oracle, who works pro bono. He became a major player in the Infinite Crisis cross-over Villains United as a core member of Lex Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains. His allies included such villains as Doctor Psycho, Doctor Light and Deathstroke.

Calculator (comics) Calculator Character Comic Vine

Noah suffers from severe Obsessive-compulsive disorder, unbeknownst to his peers (even though this was hinted at when he was in charge of monitoring Supergirl), and initially controlled this with medication. However, in Birds of Prey, he became obsessed with finding out the identity of Oracle, and this led him toward a mental breakdown. He stops taking his medication and suffers from nightmares about the green mask that Oracle uses as an avatar. In Birds of Prey issue #111, Noah finally meets the woman behind Oracle face-to-face at a computer-industry conference, but is depicted looking far younger than his previous illustrations in DC titles and his history would indicate. Both are using aliases, and Noah is prevented from learning Oracle's true identity only at the last possible moment through a stratagem devised by Oracle's allies.

Calculator (comics) Detective 468 The Calculator vs Batman Babblings about DC Comics

A year after the Crisis, Noah led The Society, taking over from the deceased Alexander Luthor, Jr.. The Society has become a union for super-villains, with all major heists being done through the Society itself.

The Society is taken over from the inside out when the villain Libra proves he can trade loyalty for a criminal's deepest desire. This is all part of a successful plan to conquer the Earth and the Calculator is left a groveling witness to various Libra-headed executions. Calculator is there because he is accused of sending computer codes that will help the resistance. The extent of his betrayal is detailed later; he claims to have created an eighth layer of the TCP/IP protocol and used it to set up a hidden Internet, named the Unternet, able to be used by tech-savvy villains to act undetected by Libra and Darkseid, and then let Oracle and the heroes use it to coordinate their efforts against the Apokoliptans on Earth.

In Teen Titans #66 it is revealed that he is the father of Wendy and Marvin, when he visits Wendy, who is comatose, in her hospital room. He vows revenge against the Teen Titans.

In Birds of Prey #126, the Calculator copies Kilg%re's programming into himself, gaining the ability to control all forms of technology. He then uses this power to launch an attack on the Birds of Prey.

In the Oracle: The Cure miniseries, the Calculator seeks out the remnants of the Anti-Life Equation, hoping to use it to save Wendy. As the Calculator arrives at the hospital, Wendy recovers from her coma on her own. However, she is unable to feel her legs. Oracle (who had followed him to the hospital to prevent him from using the Anti-Life equation on Wendy) tells Calculator that he has Anti-Life residue on him. The residue makes him traceable if he uses the internet. Calculator is then thrown out of the hospital by guards.

Calculator later gathers together a new version of the Fearsome Five to target the Titans. He has the Five send a nuclear powered metahuman into a meltdown powerful enough to destroy the city of San Francisco. His plan is foiled by Eddie Bloomberg, who flies the metahuman above the city, sacrificing himself in the process. Calculator also has the Fearsome Five abduct Kid Eternity, who he uses to repeatedly summon the spirit of Marvin. The captivity proves fatal for the hero.

Later, the Calculator creates robotic duplicates of himself to attack the Teen Titans. The Teen Titans are able to dispatch of the robots and find the Calculator's hideout. Once inside the team is captured by the Calculator, who admits that he killed Kid Eternity when he was unable to see Marvin. After Wonder Girl breaks free she attempts to kill him, for the dead Teen Titans member, but is stopped by Red Robin. Robin however attacks Calculator who is revealed to be another robot double.

Powers and abilities

The Calculator has a genius level intelligence, is a skilled manipulator and superb strategist. The Calculator also has a vast array of criminal contacts.

In his early career Calculator has used a battlesuit with a large calculator in the chest area. The computers in the suit can accurately predict the actions of any hero or even the Earth itself. A projector in the helmet is linked to the suit and can create items by solidifying the dust in the air. Calculator no longer uses this battlesuit and its whereabouts are unknown.

Recent issues of the Birds of Prey series shows just how cunning Mr. Kuttler truly is, when he worked around four other supervillains in a cabal he was part of in order to bestow superpowers onto himself. Having absorbed some of Kilgre's nanotech into his bloodstream to wire his brain directly into machinery and the internet. Bestowing him vast cyperpathic abilities coupling in a bolstered intellectual prowess due to the micro-machinery augmenting his intellectual capacity. He can now enter and exit cyberspace on whim as well as remold any kind of technology into whatever he wishes it to be.


  • Calculator appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Night of the Huntress" voiced by Armin Shimerman. This version is an overweight, apparently middle-aged man named Myron who lives in his mother's basement and wears the classic Calculator costume (that is several sizes too small for him). Huntress brings Batman and Blue Beetle to Calculator's house to get some info revolving around Babyface. Calculator finishes his call with Weather Wizard telling him that Flash will be out of Keystone City for a few days enough for Weather Wizard to commit his crimes there. Afterwards, Calculator is confronted by Batman and Huntress who interrogate him about why Babyface sprung his old gang out. Calculator tells them that Babyface is planning to break into Warehouse X.
  • Noah Kuttler/Calculator appears in the fourth season of Arrow, portrayed by Tom Amandes. He is the father of Felicity Smoak, who has abandoned her and her mother Donna Smoak for eighteen years. A career cyber-criminal, Noah appears in Star City attempting to assemble a "cyber-nuke" that would allow him to essentially destroy the Internet, either on a global or city scale, blackmailing Roy Harper to collect the relevant components. When he learns about his daughter's career with the Arrow, he attempts to convince her to join forces with him, but he is ultimately arrested by Donna's current romantic interest, police captain Quentin Lance, when Felicity decides that no matter what he claims he will never be anything more than a criminal that she can never trust. He then appears in "Monument Point", where after Darhk's breakout from prison, Kuttler also escapes. He is hunted down by Danny Brickwell and Michael Amar because he is the only one who can disable the nukes that Darhk has launched, forcing Team Arrow to rescue him and recruit his assistance in disabling the nuclear missiles, although his best efforts are only able to stop the missiles after one missile is launched and redirect that missile to a relatively small town. Before teaming up with her father to stop the missiles, Donna revealed to Felicity that Noah didn't abandon them; rather, Donna left Noah with Felicity after discovering his life of crime, not wanting their daughter to be corrupted. After their minor victory, Donna (who was in the room, observing her daughter's interactions with her ex-husband) requested that Noah leave their lives once again, out of fear that Felicity might gain Noah's worse traits. His current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Film

  • Calculator was reportedly featured in David S. Goyer's script for an upcoming Green Arrow film project entitled "Super Max".
  • Calculator appears in the animated film Batman: Bad Blood, voiced by Jason Spisak. He appears as one of Talia al Ghul's henchmen. He is killed when Alfred kicks him into some electrical wires which also kills The Mad Hatter as an indirect result.
  • Calculator appears in The Lego Batman Movie.
  • Video games

  • Calculator is a main character in DC Universe Online voiced by Tracy W. Bush. He gives mission briefings to players on the villain campaign. When he communicates with the players on the villains' side, he is mostly shadowed except for his glasses.
  • Calculator appears in the world of the Lego Batman Movie portion of Lego Dimensions.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Calculator appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic issue #6, only with a different look than his appearance in the TV series.
  • A LEGO minifigure version of the Calculator (in a more armor-clad version of his classic suit with the "number display" visor showing "07734"; "hELLO" when read upside down), meant as a tie-in to The Lego Batman Movie, is featured in Series 20 of the LEGO minfigures line alongside other Batman-oriented heroes and villains in blind bags.
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