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Cadmium iodide

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Formula  CdI2
Density  5.64 g/cm³
Molar mass  366.22 g/mol
Cadmium iodide Cadmium iodide Wikipedia

Appearance  white to pale yellow crystals

Cadmium iodide

Cadmium iodide, CdI2, is a chemical compound of cadmium and iodine. It is notable for its crystal structure, which is typical for compounds of the form MX2 with strong polarization effects.


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Cadmium iodide is used in lithography, photography, electroplating and the manufacturing of phosphors.


Cadmium iodide Chemistry Cadmium Iodide structure

Cadmium iodide is prepared by the addition of cadmium metal, or its oxide, hydroxide or carbonate to hydroiodic acid.

Also, the compound can be made by heating cadmium with iodine.

Crystal structure

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In cadmium iodide the iodide anions form a hexagonal close packed arrangement while the cadmium cations fill all of the octahedral sites in alternate layers. The resultant structure consists of a layered lattice. This same basic structure is found in many other salts and minerals. Cadmium iodide is mostly ionically bonded but with partial covalent character.

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Cadmium iodide's Crystal structure is the prototype on which the crystal structures many other compounds can be considered to be based. Compounds with any of the following characteristics tend to adopt the CdI2 structure:

Cadmium iodide Chemistry Cadmium Iodide structure

  • Iodides of moderately polarising cations; bromides and chlorides of strongly polarising cations
  • Hydroxides of dications, i.e. compounds with the general formula M(OH)2
  • Sulfides, selenides and tellurides (chalcogenides) of tetracations, i.e. compounds with the general formula MX2, where X = S, Se, Te
  • Iodides

    MgI2, TiI2, VI2, MnI2, FeI2, CoI2, CaI2, PdI2, PbI2.

    Chlorides and bromides

    TiCl2, VCl2;

    MgBr2, TiBr2, VBr2, MnBr2, FeBr2, CoBr2.

    Hydroxides of M2+

    Mg(OH)2, Ni(OH)2, Ca(OH)2.

    Chalcogenides of M4+

    TiS2, ZrS2, SnS2, α-TaS2, PtS2;

    TiSe2, ZrSe2, SnSe2, PtSe2;

    SiTe2, TiTe2, CoTe2, NiTe2, PdTe2, PtTe2.


    AgF2, W2C.

    Cadmium iodide Chemistry Cadmium Iodide structure


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