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CID Shankar

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Directed by  R. Sundaram
Written by  A. L. Narayanan
Music by  Vedha
Produced by  Modern Theatres
Story by  A.L. Narayanan
Starring  Jaishankar CID Sakunthala Thengai Srinivasan V. S. Raghavan R.S. Manohar Jayakumari

CID Shankar (தமிழ்: சி. ஐ. டி. சங்கர்) is a 1970 black-and-white Tamil language thriller Film was directed by R. Sundaram and produced by Modern Theatres. Though the film script written by "A. L. Narayanan". Music by Vedha assets to the movie. Starring Jaishankar, CID Sakunthala, and Thengai Srinivasan in lead roles.V. S. Raghavan , R. S. Manohar , C. L. Anandan, Jayakumari , Kumari Radha was played supporting role. The film was remake of American film OSS 117 Mission for a Killer in 1965 French/Italian international co-production Eurospy film.



The film start had in its title sequence in which a Politician is killed by a Suicide bomber who explodes her explosive belt. C. I. D. Shankar and his assistant Raju(Thengai Srinivasan is deputed to the Nilgiris to investigate a case of mysterious murder. C. I. D. Ashokan(Pakkirisamy) also stay for the town, who pose at research of herbal, his close relation of lover's club dancer Reeta(Jayakumari). Ashokan finds all truth and he goes to Nagamalai estate, where he gives lift to a young girl who explodes her belt.Ashokan gives diary and locker key to Vithya(Sakunthala) who saves his life and admits him in the hospital. But unfortuneately ashokan was killed by the mysterious gang in hospital. Vithya gives the things to Shankar and both fall in love. Raju falls in love with actress Rama(Kumari Radha), who also stays in the same hotel. Shankar meet Reeta and asks her to help him. She gives information to his assistant Raju and later on she is killed by the same mysterious gang. Vithya asks help from her brother Sundaram(Vennira Aadai Moorthy) for the herbal details. Sundaram meets his friend Boopathy(R. S. Manohar). Shankar was introduced to Boopathy by himself as herbel researcher who gives the helpful information of the drug detail. Some particular herb grows at Nagamalai Estate inside the forest named by black forest, that herbal name was Arome was produced by drug. The drug was injected to human body, who goes to hipnatis and affect to constpution, they person are used for the gang illegal works. Boopathy was receives Shankar and vithya and her brother Sundaram are goes to the forest. Their realising Boopathy also one of the member of the mysterious gang and their meets to the gang leader and their hidden secret place.Shankar discovers to the murder are being, committed by a terrorist gang, who are embarking on a secret movement will CID shankar he able to accomplish his mission. Finally, Shankar against Gun fighting to the gang, and this shooting Boopathy was died for saved vithya life.


  • Jaishankar as CID Shankar
  • CID Sakunthala as Vithya
  • R. S. Manohar as Boopathy
  • O.A.K. Devar as Leader of gang
  • Thengai Srinivasan as Raju (Shankar's Assistant)
  • C. L. Anandan
  • V. S. Raghavan as DIG of Police
  • Vennira Aadai Moorthy as Sundaram
  • Jayakumari as Reeta
  • Vijayamala as Rathna
  • Kumari Radha as Rama
  • Bhanumathi as Sujatha Rani
  • Pakkiri Samy as Ashokan
  • Crew

  • Director = R. Sundaram
  • Writer = A. L. Narayanan
  • Producer = Modern Theatres
  • Production = Modern Theatres
  • Studio = Modern Theatres
  • Music = Vedha
  • Lyrics = Kannadasan
  • Art = K. Velu
  • Processing = T. P. Krishnamoorthy
  • Audiography = P. S. Narasimam
  • Stunt = R. S. Babu
  • Choreography = B. Jayaram
  • Painting = K. P. Sundaram
  • Soundtrack

    Music composed by Vedha and Lyrics written by Kannadasan.


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