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CH Aidarus Musliyar

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Nationality  Indian
Name  C.H Musliyar
Religion  Islam
C.H Aidarus Musliyar
Born  1933, September 3Puthupparamba, near Kottakkal, Kerala, India
Occupation  Vice President, Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, Founding President, Darul Huda Islamic University.
Known for  Islamic Leader, Sufi Scholar

C.H Aidarus Musliyar (Malayalam: സി.എച്ച്. ഐദറൂസ് മുസ്‌ലിയാർ, Arabic: الأستاذ سي أتش عيدروس المسليار), (1994–1933) was a Sunni Muslim religious scholar from the Kerala state of South India. He was the vice President of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, the supreme religious organization of Muslims in Kerala. He served as the President of Darul Huda Islamic University from1985 to July 1993.


Birth and Family

He was born to an Islamic Scholarly family of 19th century Malabar in 1933 September 3 in the village of Puthupparamba near Kottakkal. His father Cheerangan Muhammad Musliyar was the Khatib and Imam of the Central Juma Masjid in Kottakkal.

Education and Services

After the primary education in his native place, Aidarus Musliyar joined the prestigious Madrasa Al-Baqiyat As-Salihat in Vellore to pursue higher studies on Islamic Sharia. After the graduation of Maulawi Fadhil al Baqawi from the said institution he served as religious teacher in many mosque-colleges in Kerala including mosques of Orakam, Edakkulam villages in Malappuram District. Through his teachings, he trained a big number of highly qualified Islamic scholars including Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammed Nadwi, P.P Muhammed Faizee etc. In the last decades of his life, he resigned from all teaching commitments and "the whole life was exclusively submitted for the spiritual and educational empowerment of Muslim community in Kerala".

As the senior Vice President of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, he played a vital role in popularizing the scholarly organization among Muslims in Kerala. He established many mosques and religious schools in various villages of the Kerala state. He is regarded as one of the six founding fathers of Darul Huda Islamic University. He served as the founding President of Darul Huda Islamic University from 1985 to July 1993.


He died May 7, 1994, and buried in front of the entrance, Puthupparamba Juma Masjid.

Aidarus Musliyar Islamic and Arts College

Aidarus Musliyar Islamic and Arts College is a religious educational institution established after C.H Aidarus Musliyar. The college is situated in the village of Pookkipparamba near Kottakkal. AMIAC provides an integrated educational system of Islamic and religious courses up to the graduate level.


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