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CAAC Flight 2311

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Passengers  58
Fatalities  25
Date  24 December 1982
Injuries (nonfatal)  26
Passenger count  58
Crew  11
Survivors  44
Number of deaths  25
Survivor  44
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Summary  Destroyed by fire on landing
Site  Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (former), China
Operator  Civil Aviation Administration of China
Similar  1982 Aerocondor DHC‑4 C, 1982 TABA Fairchild FH‑227 a, 1982 Garuda Fokker F2, Aeropesca Colombia Flight 217, Civil Aviation Administr

CAAC Flight 2311 was a scheduled passenger flight from Changsha Huanghua International Airport to the former Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. On 24 December 1982 it was flown by an Ilyushin Il-18B (registered in China as B-202), when after landing at Baiyun Airport a cabin fire produced toxic smoke whereupon the crew stopped the aircraft on the runway and evacuated the passengers. The fast-developing fire killed 25 passengers and seriously injured 22 passengers and four crew members. The fire, which was started by a passenger's cigarette, destroyed the aircraft.


The aircraft B-202 was an Ilyushin Il-18B four-engined turboprop built in the Soviet Union in 1959.


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