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Cécile de Maron

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Portrayed by  Yvonne Burbach
Duration  2001-2006
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First appearance  Episode 1617 24 October 2001
Last appearance  Episode 2621 23 January 2006
Occupation  Former Manager of the No Limit Former employee of the Lahnstein Holding Former Owner of the Anstetten stud farm Former horse jockey
Parents  Konstanze de Maron (deceased)
Significant others  Leonard von Lahnstein, Johannes von Lahnstein, Henning von Anstetten
Similar  Leonard von Lahnstein, Johannes von Lahnstein, Sylvia Jones, Henning von Anstetten, Jana von Lahnstein

Cécile Antoinette de Maron (formerly von Lahnstein) is a fictional character on the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The role was portrayed by actress Yvonne Burbach from 24 October 2001 to 23 January 2006.


The beautiful Cécile came in 2001 from Paris to Düsseldorf to live without the strictly morals of her aristocratic family. She suffers under multiple sclerosis and is a big fan of horses. On the race course she meets Henning von Anstetten (Patrik Fichte), who falls instantly in love with her. Cécile discovers soon, that she has feelings for Henning too, but because of her disease she doesn't want a relationship with him. In this time, Charlie Schneider (Gabrile Metzger) becomes a great friend of Cécile. But her love to Henning is stronger and they find to each other. Cécile gets even more happy, when Henning asks her to marry him. But when comes out that Henning and Marie von Anstetten (Solveig Duda) aren't related, as they thought after an intrigue by Tanja von Anstetten (Miriam Lahnstein), Henning discovers that he never stopped loving Marie. When Cécile finds out about that, she bursts the wedding. Cécile suffers under Henning's love for Marie and the thought that he never loved her. In her lovesickness, she spends a night with Mark Roloff (Carsten Spengemann), who was left by Marie because of the same reason.

After her painful love for Henning, she meets the construction worker Robin Brandner (Nils Brunkhorst), who comes only from a middle-class family. Robin soon falls in love with her as well as Cécile can't deny the feelings for him. In spite of the class distinction, Cécile and Robin become a couple, but this brings Cécile's mother Konstanze (Karin von Ostholt) into town, who wants to break up this relationship. Konstanze doesn't leave a moment to stultified Robin. And even through, Cécile stays on his side, Robin soon gets the feeling that he isn't good enough for Cécile. To proffer Cécile a better life, Robin begins to gamble, which comes soon to an addiction. Because he wants to keep this a secret from Cécile, he hurts her feelings so much, that she breaks up with him. When Cécile finds out the truth, Robin wants a second chance, but the breakup is final for Cécile. Later, the two continue on being friends.

Cécile meets the classic car fan Johannes von Lahnstein (Thomas Gumpert) in fall 2003. Johannes gets Cécile to feel save and she soon discovers her feelings for him. But when Cécile meets Johannes' daughter Carla (Claudia Hiersche), she learns that she isn't as welcome as she thought as the new woman on Johannes' side. Carla thinks Cécile is too young for her father and suggests that she won't do Johannes any good. But Johannes tells his children that they will have to accept Cécile. He proposes to her soon later. When Johannes' son Ansgar (Wolfram Grandezka) from a longer abidance in Singapore, he agrees with Carla and wants Cécile to agree on a marriage-contract. Cécile decides that she has done enough fighting in her life and signs the contract, before they get married. After the wedding, Johannes' other son Leonard (Lars Korten) comes back from Chicago, where he lived and worked for years as a doctor. She meets him by chance and falls in love at first sight with him, without knowing who he is. Believing that she will never see him again, Johannes wants Cécile to meet his other son, when Leonard stays in front of her. She is surprised and shocked at the same time and tries to flee from her feelings for him. But Leonard has also strong feelings for Cécile. When they can't fight them longer, Cécile and him begin a passionate affair. But Cécile wants to end it with him, when she sees how much Johannes loves her. Before Carla marries Bernd von Beyenbach (Ron Holzschuh), Leonard and Cécile decide to stay to their feelings and want to tell Johannes the truth. But when Cécile finds out that Carla's marriage to Bernd is only a fake, she sees how Johannes suffers under that and stays with him. A drama begins when Johannes finally finds out the truth. He promises his son, that he will never forgive him and throws him out of Königsbrunn castle. When Cécile dies after a horrible car accident, where she also loses her son Julius, Johannes tries to make peace with his son. Father and son find their way back to each other on the grave of the woman they both loved.


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