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Buyūzan Takeyoshi

Record  353-370-12
Retired  November 2007
Special Prizes  Fighting Spirit (2)
Role  Sumo Wrestler
Height  1.8 m
Siblings  Masuo Tominaga
Debut  March, 1997
Championships  1 (Juryo)
Name  Buyuzan Takeyoshi
Makuuchi rank  Maegashira
Weight  163 kg
Buyuzan Takeyoshi sumodbsumogamesdepics105jpg
Born  Takeyoshi Tominaga July 29, 1974 (age 41) Aichi, Japan (1974-07-29)
Highest rank  Maegashira 1 (March, 2002)
Stable  Fujishima stable (1997–2007)
Similar People  Dejima Takeharu, Tamakasuga Ryoji, Tochinonada Taiichi, Miyabiyama Tetsushi, Tosanoumi Toshio

Buyūzan Takeyoshi (born July 29, 1974 as Takeyoshi Tominaga in Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan) is a former sumo wrestler. His highest rank was maegashira 1. He is now a sumo coach.


Buyūzan Takeyoshi sumodbsumogamesdepics105jpg

A former amateur sumo champion at Meiji University, Buyūzan made his professional debut in the third makushita division in March 1997. It took him over three years to reach sekitori status, but after his makuuchi debut in November 2001, Buyūzan rose quickly rose in the ranks, winning special prizes for Fighting Spirit in two consecutive tournaments. He was listed as maegashira 1 when he was injured in March 2002 and dropped back to the lower maegashira ranks and even further into the jūryō division. After his return to makuuchi, he remained in the middle and lower maegashira ranks. In 2005, he dropped to jūryō again, but he returned to the top division in March 2006. By September he had returned to jūryō where he put up a disastrous 1-14 record. He was demoted to the non-salaried makushita division in November 2006 where he again turned in a losing score. In January 2007 he managed a 6-1 mark which put him in contention for a return to jūryō, but he faltered again with three straight makekoshi scores. He remained in the makushita division until his retirement at the end of the 2007 Kyushu basho.

Retirement from sumo

Buyzūan has stayed in sumo as an elder of the Japan Sumo Association under the name Onaruto Oyakata, and works as a coach at Fujishima stable. His danpatsu-shiki, or official retirement ceremony, took place in October 2008. Upon Dejima's retirement in July 2009 he switched to the Sekinoto elder name. He became Yamawake Oyakata in September 2010 after the name was vacated by his former stablemate Wakanoyama.

Fighting style

Like many wrestlers, Buyūzan favoured straightforward pushing techniques, winning most of his bouts by oshidashi (push out).


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