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Buren Bayaer

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Traditional Chinese  布仁巴雅爾
SASM/GNC  Burin Bayar
Simplified Chinese  布仁巴雅尔
Name  Buren Bayaer

Hanyu Pinyin  Buren Bayaer
Role  Singer
Mongolian  ᠪᠦᠷᠢᠨ ᠪᠠᠶᠠᠷ
Children  Uudam
Buren Bayaer Buren Bayaer JungleKeycn
Similar People  Uudam, Siqin Gerile, Phoenix Legend, Dao Lang, Hanggai

Buren bayaer father s prairie mother s river

Buren Bayaer (born 1960) is a singer, composer and journalist in China. He is an Inner Mongolian and comes probably from Hulunbuir.


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buren bayaer my father s praire my mother s river


Buren Bayaer Culture CRIENGLISH

Already in the childhood Buren Bayaer revealed his musical talent. When he was six years old, sang on a different occasions in the local community, but took up seriously singing considerably later. His song "Lucky Treasures", written in 1994, has become very popular in China in recent years. The song is originally sung in Mongolian, although another version sung in Mandarin Chinese (simplified Chinese: 吉祥三宝; traditional Chinese: 吉祥三寶; pinyin: Jixiang sanbao) has been released afterwards.

Bayaer and his wife Wurina are also a directors of the Hulunbeier Children's Choir, from which comes young singer Uudam. He is the adoptive son of Buren and Wurina. They have also a daughter Norma, who is a known singer in China.


  • 1997: "Чандмань (Wishfulling Jewel)" (simplified Chinese: 吉祥三宝; traditional Chinese: 吉祥三寶; pinyin: Jixiang sansao) - audio cassette
  • "Миний аав Улаанбаатарт байна(My father is in Ulaanbaatar)" (Chinese: 乌兰巴托的爸爸; pinyin: Wulanbatou de baba)
  • 2011: "The Moon and The Stars" - ISBN 978-7-7999-1270-7, 9787799912707
  • Videos

  • "Take me to the Prairie" (Chinese: 带我去草原吧; pinyin: Dai wo qu caoyuan ba)
  • "Father's Prairie, Mother's River" (Chinese: 父亲的草原母亲的河; pinyin: Fuqin de caoyuan muqin de he)
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