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The Bunuba (also known as Bunaba, Punapa, Punuba) are a group of Indigenous Australians, who traditionally speak the Bunuba language. They are the traditional owners of the southern West Kimberley, in Western Australia, and live in and around the town of Fitzroy Crossing.


Indigenous Australians have lived in the Kimberley region for over 40,000 years and continues to be home to groups, including the Bunuba, who practice traditional law in the oldest continuous culture in the world.

Traditional Lands

The traditional land of the Bunuba covers 3500 square kilometers north of Fitzroy Crossing. The native title was recognised in 2012 and are administered by the Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation.

The area is composed mostly of cattle stations and national parks, the Bunuba acquired Leopold Downs in 1991 and Fairfield Downs stations in 1995. Together the properties occupy an area of 4,046 square kilometres (1,562 sq mi) and have a maximum carrying capacity of 20,000 head of cattle.

In 2012 the Australian Agricultural Company entered an agreement with the Bunuba where AACo would manage the operations and the Bunuba would receive and annual rent and training opportunities and have complete access to their lands.

Famous Bunuba

  • Jandamarra, who led one of the few organised armed insurrections documented against European settlement in Australia.
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