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Bunting (bird)

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Aves
Family  Emberizidae
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Passeriformes
Bunting (bird) The Rainbow Bird Who Doesn39t Love a Painted Bunting 08142012
Representative species  Snow bunting, Common reed bunting, Corn bunting, Yellowhammer, Ortolan bunting

Buntings are a group of Eurasian and African passerine birds of the family Emberizidae.

They are seed-eating birds with stubby, conical bills, and are the Old World equivalents of the species known in North America as (American) sparrows. (However, these birds are not closely related to the Old World sparrows which are in the family Passeridae.)

Bunting (bird) Lazuli bunting Wikipedia

Some emberizids are still named "finches" rather than "buntings". Conversely, there are New World species retaining the name "bunting" which are now classed in the family Cardinalidae. Among those are the painted and indigo buntings.

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Genera and species

In taxonomic order (but see Systematics section below).

Bunting (bird) Lark Bunting Audubon Field Guide
  • Genus Melophus
  • Crested bunting, Melophus lathami
  • Genus Latoucheornis
  • Slaty bunting, Latoucheornis siemsseni
  • Genus Emberiza - true buntings
  • Corn bunting, Emberiza calandra
  • Yellowhammer, Emberiza citrinella
  • Pine bunting, Emberiza leucocephalos
  • Cirl bunting Emberiza cirlus
  • Tibetan bunting, Emberiza koslowi
  • Rock bunting, Emberiza cia
  • Godlewski's bunting, Emberiza godlewskii
  • Meadow bunting, Emberiza cioides
  • Jankowski's bunting, Emberiza jankowskii
  • Grey-necked bunting, Emberiza buchanani
  • Cinereous bunting, Emberiza cineracea
  • Ortolan bunting, Emberiza hortulana
  • White-capped bunting, Emberiza stewarti
  • Cretzschmar's bunting, Emberiza caesia
  • House bunting, Emberiza sahari
  • Striolated bunting, Emberiza striolata
  • Lark-like bunting, Emberiza impetuani
  • Cinnamon-breasted bunting, Emberiza tahapisi
  • Socotra bunting, Emberiza socotrana
  • Cape bunting, Emberiza capensis
  • Ochre-rumped bunting, Emberiza yessoensis
  • Tristram's bunting, Emberiza tristrami
  • Chestnut-eared bunting, Emberiza fucata
  • Little bunting, Emberiza pusilla
  • Yellow-browed bunting, Emberiza chrysophrys
  • Rustic bunting, Emberiza rustica
  • Yellow-throated bunting, Emberiza elegans
  • Yellow-breasted bunting, Emberiza aureola
  • Golden-breasted bunting, Emberiza flaviventris
  • Somali bunting, Emberiza poliopleura
  • Brown-rumped bunting, Emberiza affinis
  • Cabanis' bunting, Emberiza cabanisi
  • Chestnut bunting, Emberiza rutila
  • Black-headed bunting, Emberiza melanocephala
  • Red-headed bunting, Emberiza bruniceps
  • Yellow bunting, Emberiza sulphurata
  • Black-faced bunting, Emberiza spodocephala
  • Grey bunting, Emberiza variabilis
  • Pallas' reed bunting, Emberiza pallasi
  • Reed bunting, Emberiza schoeniclus
  • Genus Miliaria
  • Corn bunting, Miliaria calandra
  • Genus Plectrophenax - Arctic buntings (form a group with longspurs rather distantly related to other emberizids), and now placed in a separate family Calcariidae.
  • Snow bunting, Plectrophenax nivalis
  • McKay's bunting, Plectrophenax hyperboreus
  • The lark bunting (Calamospiza melanocorys) is an American sparrow.

    Bunting (bird) Indigo Bunting Identification All About Birds Cornell Lab of

    The Lapland bunting (Calcarius lapponicus) is also known as Lapland longspur, and is considered under longspurs, and also placed in a separate family Calcariidae.

    Bunting (bird) Painted Bunting Identification All About Birds Cornell Lab of

    Clade A - Emberiza species: tristrami, variabilis, chrysophrys, aureola, pusilla, rutila, rustica, sulphurata, spodocephala, schoeniclus, pallasi, yessoensis, elegans, with "Latoucheornis" siemsseni.

    Clade B - Emberiza species: leucocephalos, citrinella, stewarti, cirlus, hortulana, caesia, buchanani, cia, godlewskii, cioides, jankowskii, fucata, with "Miliaria" calandra.

    Clade C - Emberiza species: melanocephala, bruniceps with "Melophus" lathami.

    Clade D - Emberiza species: striolata, tahapisi, impetuana, capensis, flaviventris, cabanisi.

    Buntings not yet tested and therefore still to be placed in this scheme include Emberiza species koslowi & cineracea (probably in clade B), and sahari, socotrana, poliopleura, and affinis (probably in clade D).


    Bunting (bird) Wikipedia

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