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Buku Harian Nayla

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Country of origin  Indonesia
Original network  RCTI
Final episode date  25 December 2006
Network  RCTI
Cast  Chelsea Olivia
No. of episodes  15
First episode date  11 December 2006
Number of episodes  15
Program creator  SinemArt
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Running time  60 minutes (including commercial)
Original release  December 11 – December 25, 2006
Similar  Rain, Malu Malu Kucing, Madun, Sajadah Cinta Maryam, Pangeran Penggoda

Buku Harian Nayla (Nayla's Diary) was an Indonesian Christian television drama which aired on RCTI, written by Serena Luna. The show told the story of a girl diagnosed with ataxia when she was young. This serial had a national rating of 30.8% among Indonesian viewers. Due to overwhelming response from fans, re-runs were shown on RCTI at 4.30pm every Monday and Friday, with its running time shortened to 30 minutes including commercials. A second season, Buku Harian Nayla: 8 Tahun Kemudian (Nayla's Diary: 8 Years After) was scheduled to air on April 13, 2015.


Buku Harian Nayla Chelsea OliviaGlenn Alinskie Kembali di Sekuel Buku Harian Nayla
Buku Harian Nayla Sinetron Buku Harian Nayla Siap Tayang Hari Ini

Nayla (Chelsea Olivia) is a bright, cheerful and hard-working student, the leader of her class and a talented basketball player, also very devoted to her religion. However, she is unknowingly afflicted with ataxia, which would eventually paralyze her. Her doctor, Dr Fritz, suggests that she write a diary so he can monitor her symptoms. After her diagnosis the doctor is initially reluctant to inform her of the grave nature of her condition, but does as her condition worsens.

The show follows her as she deals with the difficulties arising from her condition and her problems at school, and in her relationship with her classmates and her boyfriend Moses (Glenn Alinskie). As her classmates start to think about their future and their studies, she focuses on her writing, even when her condition becomes life-threatening. In the end her writing is depicted as having the ability to bring strength to those around her.


Buku Harian Nayla Dunia Sinetron Sinetron Buku Harian Nayla
  • Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Nayla
  • Glenn Alinskie as Moses
  • Andrew White as Paul
  • Steve Emmanuel as Dr. Fritz
  • Moudy Wihelmina as Martha
  • Yadi Timo as Aldhi
  • Rudy Salam as Dr. Gerdy
  • Debby Chintya as Mrs. Gerdy
  • Raka Hafid as Irvan
  • Virgo Brody as Gio
  • Gisela Cindy as Joana
  • Maya Sheila as Sela
  • Criticism

    The drama was accused of plagiarizing Japanese television drama 1 Litre of Tears. The name "Aya" was replaced with "Nayla", and the name "Asō" replaced by "Moses". Until now, there has still been no resolution nor any effort to enforce copyright law for this case.

    The accusation that this series plagiarizes 1 Litre of Tears was accepted by the main actor, during an interview with Bintang Indonesia.

    I don't want the viewers to compare me with the role on the real story. Especially when I am the main actor. Consequently, I will never want to watch the original. I'm afraid that I am being looked as imitating it. I want to be known as Chelsea. I don't care, let only the story plagiarizes, but the acting does not.

    The series itself did not include any note that the show was "inspired by" or "adapted from" another, instead claiming that the story was merely a fiction.

    Theme songs

  • Seperti yang KAU ingini, written by Jonathan Prawira and performed by Nikita
  • References

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