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Buddhism in Mexico

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Buddhism in Mexico

Buddhism is a minority religion in Mexico, numbering 108,701 followers or 0.09% of the total Mexican population.


Tibetan Buddhism

Casa Tibet México (headquartered in the Colonia Roma of Mexico City) was the third of the Tibet Houses to be created. It was founded by the XIV Dalai Lama on his first visit to Mexico. One of the main objectives of the Casa Tibet is to combat the esoteric New Age beliefs that surround eastern cosmogony and to disseminate and preserve true Tibetan culture and spirituality.

The current Director, Lama Marco Antonio Karam, was chosen by the Dalai Lama to head the Casa Tibet. Another important mission the Casa Tibet participates in is the sponsoring of Tibetan children located in Dharamsala, India. In Mexico, they have given help to street children, Indigenous children and single mothers. The Casa Tibet does not proselytize, but will not refuse an individual wanting to learn about Tibetan ideology.

Other Denominations

There's a Thai Buddhist temple in Tamaulipas where there are 3 monks from Thailand that teach the religion, as well as one monk from Cambodia.


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