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Budda Vengal Reddy

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Born  30 May 1822 (age 78)

Died  31 December 1900 (aged 78)

Budda Vengal Reddy (30 May 1822 – 31 December 1900) was an Indian philanthropist during British rule, who saved thousands of people from death due to starvation. Queen Victoria of the British empire recognized his philanthropy and presented a gold medal to him.


రేనాటి చంద్రుడు, అపరదాత బుడ్డా వెంగళ రెడ్డి, వీరిదీ ఉయ్యాలవాడే|Budda Vengal Reddy|Uyyalawada

Early life

Budda Vengal Reddy was born on 30 May 1822 at Uyyalawada village, located in present day Kurnool District which is on the banks of Kundu River

Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy who was credited to be one of the first freedom fighters in India when he revolted against British occupation, 10 years earlier than India's First War of Independence (term) of 1857 also known as Indian Rebellion of 1857 was also born in the same village


Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy India's First Freedom Fighter - YouTube

Vengal Reddy was known for his generosity. During the great famine of 1866, called "Kshaya famine" because it occurred during the year called "Kshaya" (as per the Telugu calendar), donated all his grain totaling 1,400 bags (each about 100 kg) to prepare food and feed the poor and hungry. When he ran out of his grain stock, he borrowed from other wealthy landlords and continued the feeding. Everyday he provided gruel for more than 16,000 people

Recognition from Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria recognized his philanthropy and presented a gold medal to Vengal Reddy.This medal is still in the family of Vengal Reddy. He was also made a Member of Provincial Jury and Honorary Member of Madras Governor's Council

Sun and Moon of Renadu

Both Budda Vengal Reddy and Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy hailed from the same village, Uyyalawada. They are popularly know as "Sun and Moon of Renadu". Narasimha Reddy is considered the Sun and Vengal Reddy the Moon.

Memorial Committee for The Sun and Moon of Renadu

A committee (Renati Surya Chandrula Smaraka Samithi) was formed to preserve the memory of two great leaders of that time (Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy and the Philanthropist Budda Vengal Reddy, both were born in Uyyalawada village). Sri Pocha Brahmananda Reddy is the founding president of this committee.

A book (both in Telugu and English languages) titled "Renati Surya Chandrulu (The Sun and Moon of Renadu) was published by this committee in 2015 (5th Edition of Telugu version was published on 22-Feb-2016). It contains the excerpts from research papers by eminent historians

Budda Vengala Reddy died 31 December 1900


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