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Bubo Na Tchuto

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Name  Bubo Tchuto

Bubo Na Tchuto Guine Bissau Almirante Jos Amrico Bubo Na Tchuto

Caso bubo na tchuto grande entrevista do anizio com embaixador joao soares da gama

José Américo Bubo Na Tchuto (born 12 June 1949 in Incalá, Tombali Region) is an admiral of the Navy of Guinea-Bissau. He was the Chief of Staff of the Navy. Until August 8, 2008 he was Vice-Chief of the Navy.


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Bubo Na Tchuto Bubo Na Tchuto compareceu pela primeira vez num tribunal

Bubo Na Tchuto has been captured in international waters near Cape Verde during an operation by North American and Cape Verdian police and extradited to the United States for trial in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York at Manhattan. He was tried in the on 5 April, three days after his arrest, along with Manuel Mamadi Mane, Saliu Sisse, Papis Djeme and Tchamy Yala. Na Tchuto, Djeme and Yala faced charges of conspiring to import drugs into the U.S., while Mane, Sisse, and two other Colombian men, who were arrested separately, were charged with conspiring to engage in narco-terrorism, import drugs into the U.S. and provide aid to FARC by storing its cocaine in West Africa. According to prosecutors, Bubo na Tchuto suggested the time was ripe to use Guinea-Bissau to smuggle contraband due to the 2012 Guinea-Bissau coup d'etat.

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Bubo Na Tchuto Jose Americo Bubo Na Tchuto Guineau Bissau Drug Kingpin


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