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Bubble Comics

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Parent company  BUBBLE Comics
Country of origin  Russia
Fiction genres  Comics, Superheroes
Founder  Artem Gabrelyanov
Fiction genre  Superhero
Status  active
Nonfiction topics  Comics
Headquarters location  Moscow, Russia
Founded  September 2011
Bubble Comics httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons88
Key people  Evgeniy Fedotov Andrey Vasin

Bubble comics trailer

BUBBLE Comics (Russian: Комиксы Bubble) is the largest Russian comic book publisher which was founded in 2011. It is the only publishing house in Russia which monthly produces original non-franchised comic books: Demonslayer, Friar, Major Grom, Meteora, Red Fury, Exlibrium.


demonslayer bubble comics


BUBBLE Comics was formed in 2011 by journalist Artem Gabrelyanov. For 5 years, the publisher had released more than 200 comic book issues for 10 different titles, including Demonslayer, Major Grom, Red Fury, Friar, Meteora and Exlibrium.

In October 2012 the publisher started releasing 4 ongoing monthly series: Major Grom, Demonslayer, Friar, Red Fury. In October 2014, at the very first Comic-Con Russia in Moscow, BUBBLE Comics announced two new series – Exlibrium and Meteora. First issues of each came out the same month.

In October 2015 BUBBLE Comics announced the establishment of a Film Production Department,The Bubble Studios, that will be responsible for adapting their comics to movies. Soon they announced the beginning of the development of Major Grom film, with the premiere set for 2018.

Since October 2015, English language versions of BUBBLE’s comics started appearing on comiXology platform.


  • Demonslayer (2011–2016)
  • Major Grom (2011–2016)
  • Friar (2011–2016)
  • Red Fury (2011–2016)
  • Meteora (2014– )
  • Exlibrium (2014– )
  • Allies (2017- )
  • The planeswalkers (2017- )
  • Demonslayer vol.2 (2017- )
  • Igor Grom (2017- )
  • Films

    An adaptation to Major Grom has been announced by Bubble Studios on 2014. During 2016 Comic-Con Russia the first trailer has been shown. The short version of the film has been premiered on February 2017.


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