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Brian Clarke (artist)

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Full Name  Brian Clarke
Nationality  British

Name  Brian Clarke
Role  Artist
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Born  2 July 1953 (age 62) (1953-07-02) Oldham, Lancashire, England
Education  Studied at Burnley College of Art and Bideford Art School (N. Devon)
Known for  Painter and Stained Glass Artist
Website  [2]
Artwork  Holocaust memorial in Darmstadt

Brian Clarke (born 2 July 1953) is a British artist; a painter and architectural stained glass designer who has, most notably, worked in stained glass.


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Clarke was born in Oldham, Lancashire. In 1965, on a Junior Scholarship, he attended the Oldham School of Arts and Crafts. He went on in 1968 to Burnley School of Art. In 1970 he enrolled at the North Devon College of Art and Design where he went on to receive a first class distinction in Diploma in Art and Design. In 1974, he was awarded the Winston Churchill Memorial Travelling Fellowship to study art and architecture in Rome, Paris and Germany. The second part of the Fellowship was spent in Los Angeles and New York. He is now a trustee of that institution.

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Working frequently in architecture, his paintings, stained glass, mosaic and tapestry works can be found in architectural settings and private and public collections internationally.

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Brian Clarke's works include a stained glass installation at Apax & Partners' London HQ, Pyramid of Peace and Accord in Kazakhstan, the Al Faisaliyah Center in Riyadh, the Pfizer World Headquarters in New York and the Swiss Bank Cone in Connecticut.

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Projects include work with the Seibu Museum of Art in Tokyo; the AGM group headquarters in Kassel, Germany; The Hotel du Department des Bouches-du Rhone, Marseille; The Lake Sagami building, Japan; Dutch National Ballet, Amsterdam; King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Norte Shopping, Rio de Janeiro; Spindles Shopping Mall, Oldham; Cavendish Arcade, Buxton;Victoria Quarter, Leeds; Abbaye de la Fille-Dieu, Romont, Switzerland and 100 New Bridge Street, London.

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He worked on designs for the Shard at London Bridge.

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Brian Clarke is a visiting Professor of Architecture Art at University College London, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Honorary Doctorate, University of Huddersfield, Chairman of the Architecture Foundation and Sole Executor of the Estate of Francis Bacon.


Brian Clarke (artist) Work Brian Clarke architectural artist stained glass artist and
  • Stained glass, Linköping Cathedral, Sweden, 3 windows, 2010
  • Mosaic Path "From Life to Life, a Garden for George Harrison", Chelsea Flower Show, London, May, 2008
  • Stained glass and painting, Apax Partners, Jermyn Street, London, November 2007
  • Stained glass apex, Pyramid of Peace and Accord, Kazakhstan, 2005
  • Stained glass for hotel façade and café rooflight, Albergo Telassoterapia, Castellanata, Italy, 2002
  • Stained glass façade, Pfizer Inc, 42nd Street & 2nd Ave, New York, USA, 2001
  • Stained glass wall, Al Faisaliyah Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2000
  • Stained glass façade and mosaic floor, Olympus, Hamburg, Germany, 2000
  • The Glass Wall stained glass window on permanent exhibition at the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York, 2000
  • Stamford Cone, Stamford, CT, USA, 1999
  • Glass wall, nave of the Synagogue Offenbach, Offenbach, Germany, 1998
  • Stained glass windows, Catholic Church Maria Königin, Obersalbach (near Saarbrücken), Germany, 1998
  • Chicago Sinai Synagogue, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1998
  • Stained glass and mosaic ceilings, NorteShopping, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1996
  • Stained glass and mosaic ceiling, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Headquarters Building, New York, USA, 1996
  • Stained glass wall/façade, Valentino Village, Noci, Bari, Italy, 1996
  • Stained glass windows, Cisterian Abbaye de la Fille Dieu, Romont, Switzerland, 1995 [3]
  • Stained glass, North wall of the EAM Building, Kassel, Germany, 1994
  • Mosaic and stained glass windows and walls, Lowe SMS & Partners, The Grace Building, New York, USA, 1994
  • Stained glass tower windows, España Telefónica, Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, 1992
  • Tapestries and stained glass, Carmelite, Carmelite Street, London, 1992
  • Stained glass screen, Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, London, England, 1991
  • Stained glass screens and tower, Stansted Airport, Stansted, Essex, England, 1991
  • Spindles Shopping Center, Oldham, Greater Manchester, England, 1991
  • Painting and stained glass, Cibreo Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan, 1991
  • Stained glass, skylight of the Victoria Quarter, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, 1989
  • Stained glass, Central lantern tower and skylights of the Lake Sagami Country Club, Yamanishi, Japan, 1988
  • Stained glass, Barrel vaulted roof of the Cavendish Arcade, Derbyshire, England, 1987
  • Stained glass, skylight and clerestory, main hall, library and office of the King Khaled International Airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1982
  • Stained glass, Laver's & Barraud Building, Endell Street, London, 1981
  • Paintings and stained glass, Lobby of Olympus Optical Europa GmbH, Headquarters Building, Hamburg, 1981
  • Stained glass, Baptistery windows at St. Gabriel's Church, Blackburn, England, 1976
  • Stained glass, East window of All Saints Church, Habergham, England, 1976
  • Exhibitions

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    Brian Clarke (artist) Brian Clarke 04 Exhibitions
  • Piper & Clarke. Stained Glass: Art or Anti-Art, The Verey Gallery and Eton College, Eton, UK, 16 November 2013 - 7 April 2014
  • Between Extremities, Pace Gallery, New York, 17 Jan - 16 Feb, 2013
  • 2012

  • Love Him More (An exhibition of paintings, stained glass and works on paper), Kristy Stubbs Gallery, Dallas, 8 Dec 2011 - 12 Jan 2012 [4]
  • 2011

  • The Quick and the Dead: New paintings by Brian Clarke, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Den Haag, Netherlands, 28 May - 14 August 2011 [5]
  • Atlantes and Astragals (an exhibition of paintings and stained glass), Christie's, London, 10–22 December 2011 [6]
  • Paint Tube Inspiration, Saatchi Gallery, London, March 2011
  • Brian Clarke: Works on Paper 1969-2011, Phillips de Pury at the Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York's HQ, King's Road, London, 28 February - 27 March 2011
  • 2010

  • Brian Clarke: Life and Death, Vitromusée, Au Château, Romont, Switzerland, 21 November 2010 - 13 July 2011
  • 2008

  • Don't Forget the Lamb, Phillips de Pury, 450 West 15 Street, New York, 13 September - 18 December 2008 [7].
  • Mosaic Path, 2008
  • 2005

  • Lamina, Gagosian Gallery, London, 29 April - 23 July 2005
  • 2002

  • Brian Clarke: Transillumination, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, 4 November - 13 December 2002
  • Flowers for New York: A tribute to New York in Stained Glass and Painting on Canvas, The Corning Gallery at Steuben, 667 Maddison Avenue, New York, 23 January - 7 April 2002
  • 2000

  • Fashion Acts, exhibition and auction of photographs initiated to help people affected by HIV/AIDS (Sponsored by Olympus), Mulberry, 41-42 New Bond Street, London, 6 November - 24 December 2000
  • 1998

  • The Glass Wall (Dedicated to Linda McCartney), Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, USA, 12 June - 12 September 1998
  • Brian Clarke - Linda McCartney, Deutsche Glasmalerei-Museum (German Stained Glass Museum), Linnich, Germany, May - October 1998
  • Fleurs de Lys: New Paintings, Faggionato Fine Arts, London, May - June 1998
  • 80 Artistes autour du Mondial, Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris, June - July 1998
  • 1997

  • Brian Clarke - Linda McCartney, Musée Suisse du Vitrail, Romont, Switzerland, 30 August 1997 - 28 April 1998
  • 1995

  • Fazit ’95, The Collection of the Langen Museum for Contemporary Stained Glass, Altes Rathaus Langen, Germany, 10 March - 29 October 1995
  • Exempla ’95, Chamber of Commerce for Munich and Bavaria, Munich, Germany, 11–19 March 1995
  • 1994

  • Brian Clarke: Paintings and Stained Glass, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, USA, 10 December 1994 - 4 February 1995
  • 1993

  • Images of Christ, Northampton Museum and St. Paul's Cathedral, London, 1993
  • Brian Clarke: Designs on Architecture, Oldham Art Gallery, Oldham, Lancashire, 2 October - 9 November 1993
  • Brian Clarke: New Paintings, The Mayor Gallery, London, 15 September - 29 October 1993
  • Architecture and the Sacred Space in the Modern Age (with architect Alfred Jacoby), Venice Biennale, 1993
  • 1992

  • Addressing the Forbidden, Brighton Festival, Brighton, 1992. Stills Gallery, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, 1992
  • The Drawing Centre, New York, 1992
  • Light and Architecture (in collaboration with Future Systems), Ingolstadt, Germany, 1992
  • The Painter in Glass, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, Wales, 1992
  • 1990

  • Brian Clarke: Into and Out of Architecture, The Mayor Gallery, London, 26 April - 9 June 1990
  • Rockens Billeder - Images of Rock, Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense, Denmark, 1990
  • Brian Clarke: Architecture and Stained Glass, The Sezon Museum of Art, Annex Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 1990
  • 1989

  • Brian Clarke: Paintings, The Indar Pasricha Gallery, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, India, 1989. The Pyrri Art Centre, Savolinna, Finland, 1989
  • 1988

  • British Art, The Mayor Gallery, London, 16–18 October 1988
  • Die Architektur der Synagoge (Architecture of the Synagogue), Deutsches Architekturmuseum (German Architecture Museum), Frankfurt, Germany, 1988
  • Brian Clarke, Malerei und Farbfenster 1977 - 1988, Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt, Germany, 1988
  • Brian Clarke: Intimations of Mortality, Galerie Karsten Greve, Cologne, Germany, 1988
  • 1987

  • Brian Clarke: Paintings, 1976 - 1986, Seibu Museum of Art, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, 1987. Travelled to Yao Seibu Exhibition Hall, Yao, Osaka, Japan, 1987
  • 1986

  • Brian Clarke: Stained Glass, Seibu Museum of Art, Yurakacho, Tokyo, 1986
  • 1984

  • Brian Clarke: Works on Paper, 1976 - 1984, with Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Fraser Gallery, London, 1984
  • 1983

  • Black/White (with Jean-Michel Basquiat), Robert Fraser Gallery, London, 1983
  • Brian Clarke: Paintings, opening exhibition of the Robert Fraser Gallery, London, 15 June - 15 July 1983
  • 1982

  • Brian Clarke - Serigraphien und Mosaik, Franz Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt, Munich, Germany, 1982
  • British Stained Glass, Centre International de Vitrail, Chartres, France, 1982
  • 1981

  • Brian Clarke: New Paintings, Constructions and Prints (with the Robert Fraser Gallery), The Royal Institute of British Architects, London, 1981
  • Brian Clarke: Prints, Vernon Gallery, Preston, Lancashire, UK, 1981
  • 1980

  • Brian Clarke: Paintings, Mappin Art Gallery and Museum, City of Sheffield, UK, 1980
  • Art in Education, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, 1980
  • 1979

  • Brian Clarke Drawings, St. Edmunds Art Centre, Salisbury, England, 1979
  • Glass/Light Exhibition (with John Piper and Marc Chagall), Festival of the City of London, 1979
  • 1975

  • Brian Clarke: Glass Art One, Mid-Pennine Arts Association, Arts Council of Great Britain, 1975
  • References

    Brian Clarke (artist) Wikipedia