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- summer (DST)  CEST (UTC+2)
Municipality  Ikast-Brande Municipality
Local time  Thursday 5:13 PM
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Weather  6°C, Wind W at 24 km/h, 79% Humidity

Brande is a railway town with a population of 7,065 (1 January 2014) located at the railroad between Vejle and Herning in Ikast-Brande municipality in Region Midtjylland in the central area of the Jutland peninsula in west Denmark.


Map of 7330 Brande, Denmark

Until 1 January 2007 it was the seat of the municipal-council of Brande municipality.

Brande is the home of leading wind energy pioneer Bonus Energy A/S now Siemens Wind Power.

Brande is also home to Danish clothing companies Bestseller A/S and BTX Group.

The mural paintings of Brande

The mural paintings in Brande are one of the characteristics of the city. Brande is famous for its decorations and art in the public space.

It all began in 1966, where the doctor Ole Bendix and layer Jørgen Mansfeld-giese initiated the creation of the very first mural paintings. ”Midtjysk Kunstforening” was established in the old Askjær School and a new phase in the history of Brande was obvious. The purpose of the organisation was to arrange special events within art, music, theater and film. Initially, the number of members reached 600, both from Brande and the surroundings. The mural paintings were one of the first projects and the goal was to create a gallery atmosphere in the open space without fixed opening hours. Art should be accessible for everybody in their daily life and form the basis of debate and interest.

Statens Kunstfond (Danish National Art Fund) supported the project, and the artists started moving to Brande. The population had different opinions in the beginning, but the mural paintings have put Brande on both the national and the international map, and further to this, Brande was elected as the city of the year in 1969 in Denmark. New mural paintings have been created during the years, some have been carefully restored and others have unfortunately disappeared due to new constructions and wear and tear.

Joy of life, acrobat fantasy and spines

These are just some of the names of the mural paintings. Joy of life is made by the Finish artist Jorma Kardén decorating the library in Brande. Acrobat fantasy is created by K. Bjørn Knudsen and is visible at the old town hall in Storegade, Brande. Spines is painted by Claes Birch and can be seen in Borgergade.

Art still characterizes Brande

This special initiative in 1966 has for sure formed the basis for the art interest among the population in and around the city of Brande. Many passionate people have throughout the years established creative and challenging projects, like the worlds largest carpet “The Brande Carpet”, which was 275 m long and 4.80 m wide. The carpet was made by 3000 pieces of painted tissue. In 1981, a number of new artistic signals were initiated in the streets. The sculpture ”Æ soikers kårner” was built at the 100 years anniversay of ”Brande Håndværker og Borgerforening” (local association for shops and handcraft). In 1991, the “Kultursmedjen” was inaugurated, the city had a culture bus and the first culture caravan travelled to Eastern Europe. In 1992, Birgit Vinge Nielsen initiated a huge multimedia show in the old engine shed called “Drømmerejsen” (The dream journey). Birgit Vinge Nielsen has with energy and power established a large number of activities within art and culture in our area. Also an international workshop with artist from all over the world has taken place for many years in the old engine shed buildings. The workshop has now moved to Gludsted School. Some of the works of art still decorate Brande. Sportmaster in Brande has entered into a cooperation with some of the artists, and several paintings are visible outside the shop to the delight of citizens and tourists.

The old engine shed is now professionally restored and form the basis for conferences, concerts, talks and exhibitions.

“Art in movement” is one of the latest projects taking its starting point in Brande and the association “Kulturremisen”. International artists stay for a certain period in a small village in the region to develop a permanent work of art in cooperation with the citizens. This project will cover both 2012 and 2013.

The tourist organization offers guided tours for both smaller and large groups among the mural paintings in Brande.

Street Art Brande

The International Street Art Festival in Brande during the summer of 2015 and 2016 was a huge success, and it is planned to continue as a yearly event.

In 2016, 19 professional street artists decorated the city square, streets and a new beautiful wall. All the activities attracted lots of guests in the festival weekend - and still many guests and tourists visit the area to see the colourful street art paintings.

Sister cities

The following cities are twinned with Brande:

  • Äänekoski, Central Finland
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