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Brahim is a given name. Notable people with the name include:



  • Amel Brahim-Djelloul, soprano opera singer and concert recitalist
  • Brahim Attaeb (born 1984), better known by his mononym Brahim, Belgian R&B singer and presenter of Moroccan descent
  • Brahim Mahrez, better known by his mononym Brahim, French reggae and ragga artist of Algerian origin
  • Politics

  • Ahmed Brahim (born 1945), convicted Al-Qaeda member from Algeria
  • Ahmed Brahim (born 1947), Tunisian politician
  • Brahim Déby (1980–2007), the son of current Chadian President Idriss Déby
  • Brahim Dahane (born 1965), Sahrawi human rights activist and President of the ASVDH, a banned human rights organization
  • Brahim Koulamallah, Chadian politician
  • Brahim Mojtar (born 1953), Sahrawi POLISARIO diplomatic
  • Brahim Yadel, citizen of France held in extrajudicial detention in the U.S. Guantanamo Bay detainment camps in Cuba
  • Joseph Brahim Seid (1927–1980), Chadian writer and politician
  • Yassine Brahim (born 1966), Tunisian politician and government minister
  • Sports

  • Ahmat Brahim (born 1982), Chadian footballer
  • Brahim Arafat Mezouar (born 1973), Algerian football player
  • Brahim Asloum (born 1979), French boxer and Olympic Gold medallist
  • Brahim Boulami (born 1972), Moroccan athlete who set two world records in the 3,000 meter steeplechase
  • Brahim Boutayeb (born 1967), former Moroccan athlete and Olympic winner
  • Brahim Chettah (born 1980), Algerian long-distance runner
  • Brahim El Bahri (born 1986), Moroccan football midfielder
  • Brahim Ferradj (born 1987), French-born Algerian football player
  • Brahim Hemdani (born 1978), French-born Algerian professional football player
  • Brahim Jabbour (born 1970), retired Moroccan long-distance runner who specialized in the 5000 metres
  • Brahim Kerrit (born 1940), former Tunisian football player
  • Brahim Lahlafi (born 1968), retired long-distance runner who represented Morocco
  • Brahim Taleb (born 1985), Moroccan long-distance runner who specializes in the 3000 metres steeplechase
  • Brahim Thiam (born 1974), Malian football (soccer) defender
  • Brahim Zaari (born 1989), Dutch footballer of Moroccan descent
  • Brahim Zafour (born 1977), Algerian football player
  • Brahim Zehhar (born 1935), Moroccan former footballer
  • Mohamed Ben Brahim, Moroccan footballer who played for French football clubs
  • Others

  • Brahim (Pashtun tribe), tribe of Afghanistan
  • Brahim Takioullah (born 1982), Guinness World Records holder for the "World's largest feet"
  • Driss Ben-Brahim (born 1966), Moroccan-Austrian proprietary trader employed by London-based GLG Partners since 2008
  • Brahim Zniber (1920–2016), Moroccan businessman
  • Mohammed Ben Brahim (1897–1955), poet from Morocco
  • Moulay Brahim (died 1661), well-known Moroccan Sufi saint
  • References

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