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Brady is a surname derived from the Irish surname Ó Brádaigh or Mac Brádaigh.

In a listing by the U.S. Census Bureau of the Most Common U.S. Surnames, Brady is ranked at #411.

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alice Brady (1892–1939), American silent-film actress, Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner
  • Aindrias Mac Brádaigh, bishop of Kilmore, died 1445
  • Beau Brady (born 1981), Australian actor
  • Bill Brady (politician), Illinois state senator and candidate for governor
  • Brady baronets, a titled family in Ireland
  • Brian Brady Fianna Fáil Teachta Dála representing Donegal West (1932–1949)
  • Charles Brady (artist) (1926–1997), American-born Irish painter
  • Charles E. Brady, Jr. (1951–2006), American astronaut
  • Christian M. M. Brady (born 1969), American targumist
  • Conor Brady, Irish journalist and newspaper editor
  • Cyprian Brady, Irish politician
  • Dan Brady (Ohio politician), U.S. politician from Ohio
  • Dan Brady (Illinois politician), member of the Illinois House of Representatives
  • E. J. Brady (1869–1952), Australian journalist and writer
  • Edward Thomas Brady (born 1943), American judge and Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court
  • Edwin James Brady (1869–1952), Australian poet
  • Elward Thomas Brady, Jr. (c. 1926–2007), American politician
  • Fiachra Mac Brádaigh (fl. 1710–1760), Gaelic poet
  • George Brady (born 1928), Holocaust survivor
  • George K. Brady (1838–1899), United States Army officer, briefly commander of the Department of Alaska
  • Gerard Brady (born 1936), Irish Fianna Fáil politician and Minister for Education
  • Gilbert Mac Brádaigh Bishop of Ardagh from 1396 to 1400
  • Graham Brady (born 1967), British politician and MP
  • Hana Brady (1931–1944), Jewish holocaust victim
  • Aodh Mac Brádaigh (Hugh Brady) first Protestant Bishop of Meath and Kildare
  • Hugh R. Brady President of University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Ian Brady (born Ian Duncan Stewart 1938), a perpetrator of the Moors murders
  • James Brady (1940–2014), American White House Press Secretary shot alongside President Ronald Reagan
  • James Bernard MacBrady, Count of the Holy Roman Empire
  • James Buchanan Brady aka "Diamond Jim" (1856–1917), prominent American financier
  • James H. Brady (1862–1918), Governor of Idaho, United States Senator from Idaho
  • James M. Brady, editor of the Washington Post Online
  • James Patrick Brady (1908–1967?) Canadian Metis political figure
  • James T. Brady (1815–1869), New York City lawyer and politician
  • Jim Brady (baseball) (born 1936), American economist, educator, and baseball player and coach
  • Jim Brady (boxer), Scottish boxer of the 1930s and 1940s
  • Joan Brady, writer, the first woman – and the only American – to win the Whitbread Book of the Year Award for the Theory of War, lives in Oxford, England
  • Joan Brady, American writer of Christian novels
  • John Green Brady (1847–1918), American politician, Governor of the District of Alaska (1897–1906)
  • John Joseph Brady, American journalist and writer
  • John Riker Brady (1822–1891), New York State Supreme Court Justice, administered oath of office to President Chester A. Arthur
  • Joseph V. Brady, (1922–2011) neuroscientist
  • Karren Brady (born 1969), British sporting executive and broadcaster, best known as the former managing director of Birmingham City Football Club, the first woman to hold such a post in the top flight of English football when the team was promoted
  • Kevin Brady (born 1955), American politician from Texas
  • Liam Brady (born 1956), Irish footballer, coach, and television pundit
  • Mathew Brady (ca. 1823–1896), Irish-American photographer who documented the American Civil War
  • Matthew Brady (1799–1826), Australian bushranger
  • Matthew Brady (district attorney), American district attorney in San Francisco (1919–1943)
  • Mike Brady (golfer) (1887–1972), American professional golfer
  • Mike Brady (musician) (born 1947), Australian musician
  • Michael Mac Brádaigh (died 1745), Jacobite
  • Nicholas Brady (poet) (1659–1726), divine and poet
  • Nicholas Brady (philanthropist) (1878–1930), businessman and philanthropist
  • Nicholas Brady (banker) (born 1930), banker and Secretary of the Treasury
  • Nicholas Brady, victim in the Byron David Smith killings
  • Patrick Henry Brady (born 1936), United States Army Helicopter Pilot, Medal of Honor recipient (1968)
  • Paul Brady (born 1947), Irish singer/songwriter
  • Paul L. Brady, American judge
  • Peter R. Brady (1825–1901), Arizona pioneer; first elected sheriff of Pinal County; sheriff of Pima County, Arizona
  • Fedlim Mac Brádaigh, (fl. 1710), Gaelic poet usually referred to as "bold Phelim Brady the bard of Armagh"
  • Phillip Mac Brádaigh, (died 1719), Gaelic poet and a Protestant clergyman
  • Richard Mac Brádaigh (died 1607), Franciscan bishop of Kilmore
  • Robert A. Brady (1901–1964), American economist
  • Robert A. ‘Bob’ Brady (born 1945), a United States Congressman
  • Robert David Brady (born 1946), American modernist sculptor
  • Royston Brady (born 1972), Irish businessman and former politician
  • Samuel Brady (1756–1795), American military captain during the Ohio Valley's frontier days
  • Sarah Brady (1942–2015), American gun control activist, wife of James Brady
  • Scott Brady (1924–1985), American actor
  • Seán Brady (born 1939), Archbishop of Armagh (1996–)
  • Terence Brady (born 1947), Australian Auxiliary Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney since 2007
  • Terence Brady (1939–2016), Irish actor and writer
  • Tom Brady (born 1977), American football quarterback and 5 time super bowl winner and 4-time Super Bowl MVP
  • Thomas Mac Brádaigh (1752–1827), farmer's son from Cootehill, County Cavan, became a Field Marshal in the Austrian service and Governor of Dalmatia
  • Thomas A. Mac Brádaigh(1813–1847), Lt. USMC, Among the 40 marines who stormed the "Halls of Montezuma", September 13, 1847
  • Vincent Brady (born 1936), Irish Fianna Fáil politician, Government Chief Whip (1987–1991), Minister for Defence (1991–1992)
  • Wayne Brady (born 1972), American comedian and TV personality
  • W. Tate Brady (1870–1925), Pioneer businessman of Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • William (Bill) Brady (born–1958), American Radio personality, Voiceover artist & actor
  • William J. Brady (1829–1878), Sheriff of Lincoln County during the Lincoln County Wars
  • William O. Brady (1899–1961), American Roman Catholic Archbishop of St. Paul (1956–1961)
  • William Maziere Brady (1825–1894), author of Episcopal Succession in England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Brady may also refer to:

  • Brady v Brady [1989] AC 755, an English judicial decision of the House of Lords
  • References

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