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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Xystodesmidae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Genus
Subphylum  Myriapoda
Scientific name  Brachoria
Higher classification  Xystodesmidae
Order  Polydesmida
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Similar  Millipede, Xystodesmidae, Apheloria, Polydesmida, Apheloria virginiensis

Brachoria is a genus of polydesmidan millipedes in the family Xystodesmidae inhabiting the Eastern United States. Also known as the Appalachian mimic millipedes, at least 30 species are known, with highest diversity in the Appalachian Mountains, especially the Cumberland Plateau and Ridge and Valley Province.

Species of Brachoria are boldly patterned with yellow, orange, red, violet that contrasts with a black background, and in the Appalachians some species mimic species of Apheloria where they co-occur, a phenomenon known as Müllerian mimicry


There are over 30 species of Brachoria which differ mainly in characteristics of the male gonopods (reproductive appendages), but since many species have very small known ranges, geographic location can aid in identification as well.


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