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Boycotts of Israel in sports

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Boycotts of Israel in sports refer to various diqualifications and denial of Israeli athletes. Due to the Arab–Israeli conflict, Israeli athletes and teams have been barred from some competitions. In many worldwide competitions, where Israel does take part, such as the Olympics, some Arab and Muslim competitors avoid competing against Israelis. Some countries even force their athletes not to compete against Israelis or in Israel.


Contemporary examples

Mushir Salem Jawher, a Kenyan-born marathoner, lost his Bahraini citizenship after competing in the Kinneret Marathon in Israel.

Despite the country's international political issues, a growing number of Arab athletes are joining domestic Israeli sports teams and the international teams, including the Israel national football team. These include Rifaat Turk, Najwan Ghrayib, Walid Badir, Salim Toama, Abbas Suan, amongst others. Another Arab-Israeli, Johar Abu Lashin, born in Nazareth, was an IBO Welterweight champion.

Individual sporting boycott

Since the 21st century, Israeli athletes competing in tournaments have faces boycotts by athletes from Muslim countries, speculated to be the result of political interferences.


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