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Bound to Rise

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Language  English
Publication date  December, 2013
Originally published  December 2013
Country  United States of America
Publisher  Westland Limited
ISBN  978-93-83260-11-9
Author  Sunil Robert
Genres  Business, Management
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Media type  Print (Hardback and Paperback) & Electronic (E-book)

Bound to Rise: Radical Ideas For The New Corporate World, the second book by Indian author and communications expert Sunil Robert, is a guide to young entrants to the corporate world. It is a part memoir, and part self-help book advising young executives on how to deal with the high stress and constant pressure of the corporate environment, and find fulfilment. The author delves into his personal experiences in the corporate world, spanning 25 years and covering India, UK and the US and uses philosophical metaphors to explain the necessity of accepting change by adjusting our mindsets to embrace change.



We are the slaves of our convictions, of the mindsets that have been conditioned in us. We judge others according to our value systems, but see our judgments in absolute terms instead of as subjective viewpoints. However, we have the potential to break away from our rooted sensibilities and embrace new ideas with an open mind. As the Greek philosophers Plato and Sisyphus had envisioned long ago, we are the prisoners of our own thinking, and need to break free from the drudgery and dissatisfaction caused by our paradigms.

Sunil Robert first learns the true meaning of a paradigm shift when he trains to run in the Philadelphia City half marathon and later, the New York City marathon. The discipline and lessons learned from these experiences led him to see a parallel between training for an arduous physical activity and surviving in the difficult and competitive corporate environment. Sunil talks about how to develop a ‘marathon mindset’, of learning to persevere instead of expecting instant success. He also explains the importance of time management, how to take on highly challenging goals and succeed, how to handle disappointments, how to reinvent yourself to take advantage of opportunities and discover yourself, how to become a good communicator, and more such significant aspects of improving your personal as well as professional life.

Throughout the book, Sunil asserts that one should view life not as a fight to the finish, but as a game which may have rough moments, but which gives one a lot of pleasure and builds one’s skills.


The book is split into chapters that follow a style of following the progress of an individual from one role to another, the former emphasizing a ‘reactive’ person and the latter emphasizing a ‘responsive’ one. These shifts are explained through anecdotes, philosophy, observations and narration.

About the author

Sunil is a global executive with a career spanning 25 years across India, Europe and North America having worked in reputed companies like Eureka Forbes, Acer, Intelli-Flex/Oracle and TCS. Having started his career in the late 80s in sales engineering, he moved to advertising and finally settled into corporate communications and has won global accolades for his ability to build brands.

His mission is to change the world through his communications skills. In addition to being a writer, he is also a motivational speaker and leadership coach. His debut work - a rags to riches genre story, named 'I Will Survive' was a bestseller and was endorsed by global leaders like Ratan Tata and Joseph Kennedy II. His second book 'Bound To Rise' has just been launched in India and has recommendations from leaders like Anand Mahindra, N Chandrasekaran and Dr. Bala Balachandran Sunil currently lives in Edison New Jersey with his wife Prafulla and sons Aman and Sahil. More about his impact can be found on


“You are a prisoner. I am one too. We are in fetters, of the theories that we hold dear. We are enslaved by the notions that drive us. Our convictions chain us in space and time. We are prisoners of our paradigms. We toss around terms like “Narrow minded” and “Broad minded” when we refer to people whose views are either restrictive or expansive, depending on our own view, often oblivious to the fact, that we are making a value judgement based on our standpoint. So how do we “jailbreak” from this condition? In the words of a Guru, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” New ideas always trump archaic ideas. Old- fashioned ideas that have run their course will inevitably be replaced by relevant and compelling ideas.”

Praise For ‘Bound To Rise’

Sunil’s new book has received praise from leaders across the corporate spectrum. These are some of the testimonials the book has garnered:

"Bound to Rise is an excellent read for young individuals entering today's highly competitive corporate landscape. Sunil beautifully weaves personal anecdotes and offers sagely advice on many of the common challenges that abound in corporate life, and in the process ends up outlining the characteristics of a successful and respected business leader. The book's core message is one close to my heart - about helping individuals realize their true potential, thereby enabling them to rise to heights they hadn't even imagined they were capable of."

- Anand G. Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group

"I believe that if each individual in an organization focuses on performing to their potential, the positive effect on the organization can be exponential. In this context, Bound to Rise is a practical book that draws from real-life scenarios and offers engaging insights to help professionals realize their potential. Sunil draws from his experiences and offers realistic and honest alternatives that urge the reader to look inward in order to propel ahead in their lives."

- N Chandrasekaran, CEO and MD, Tata Consultancy Services

"Sunil Robert's Bound to Rise is a short but wise book, filled with thoughtful guidance for young people trying to steer their careers through a turbulent corporate world. I encourage young professionals everywhere to read it. It has the potential to change the way you think, and even more importantly, the way you act. That is its value."

- Mukul Pandya, Executive Director/Editor-in-chief, [email protected]


Sunil Robert Vuppula was listed among 2010's Outstanding 50 Asian Americans. He was recently selected by iCONGO for the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship award for his effort to inspire India's young people.


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