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Bounce Streetdance Company

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Bounce Streetdance Company is a dance company from Sweden that started 1997. Members include Alvaro Aguilera, Joe Jobe, Ambra Succi, Fredrik Rydman aka Benke, Filmon Michael, David Dalmo and Jennie Widegren. Many of the members has choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance (Scandinavia), and Fredrik "Benke" Rydman was permanent judge. The company recently staged a street dance tribute to Michael Jackson's "Beat It", which subsequently became a runaway YouTube success.


Lately they have been touring with their latest creation, Insane in the Brain, a streetdance version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, named after Cypress Hill's featured song, "Insane in the Brain".

Now they are working on their final production as a group "The Last Bounce" at Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm.


In the late 1997 Bounce was formed by some of Sweden’s best streetdancers. The members of the group have been coming and going but the present dancers are Alvaro Aguilera, Ambra Succi, David Dalmo, Filmon “Fille” Michael, Fredrik “Benke” Rydman, Joe Jobe and Jennie Widegren. They have inspired each other with many different dance styles, Breaking, Locking, Popping, Boogaloo, New School, Jazz, Lindy Hop and Tap. Today they are ready to use any style of dance to create new and surprising shows.

When Bounce started to practise together they knew pretty soon that they wanted to do something more. At first they thought that they wouldn’t stay together for very long so they wanted to do a show before summer 2007. At that time they didn’t know that Bounce would last for seven years.

In 1998 Bounce's first show premiered and was called Rot. Right after that they toured in Sweden with the production Asfalt. At that time they needed something different after working hard for a long time. They went to Los Angeles to work and practice. In the summer 1999 the show Rotmos, inspired by L.A, was performed in an outdoor arena in the center of Stockholm.

Bounce was invited to tour with the Riksteater and Freaky Flow was created for the spring of 2000. During the practice of Freaky Flow the English producer Nick Grace contacted them and they came to an agreement for a new show to be created for Stockholm and London. The new show was called Bounce The Show and one of the words greatest lighting designers, Patrick Woodroffe, was working with them. On this show they really went for it and added 7 more dancers to perform with them.

Bounce came back to Sweden to do 24 sold-out shows at Dansens Hus after being in London for two months and then went back for another 10 weeks at the Roundhouse. During the London period Filmon Michael replaced Joe Jobe after he had badly injured his knee, and in the late autumn 2002 Filmon became a full member of Bounce Streetdance Company. Bounce vs Petter was the next production and started in winter 2001/2002. It was the first time a dancegroup and a recording artist worked together to make a theatrical experience. On outdoor stages they toured around Sweden with 10 performances during the summer 2002 with a great show at Skansen as an end in front of 5000 screaming people.

For six months in 2003 Bounce collected their best dance- and visual ideas to shape the new show The Score and its storyline. This was the biggest dance show ever in Sweden and was about seven criminals coming together to do a heist, chased by the cop (danced by Lil'Tim, UK). Even in Norway and Denmark The Score was shown. Almost 100.000 audiences came to watch 116 shows in Scandinavia.

Bounce Live was a two years project with live musician led by André Ferrari and a story about Bounce and personally told stories. The musician passion and attitude help them to create the air of warm and soul that Bounce was looking for to share with the audience. The show was performed on the music hall Nalen. This has given a great experience to perform so close to the audience. They did 46 shows in the spring after the premiere in January 2005 and then toured around in Sweden in the fall.

In 2005 the TV-show Floorfiller aired with Bounce as judges and choreographers. At the same time they started to prepare for the new show One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Before the show people had wondering how it would be possible to tell this story with dance. This had been the most challenging they ever had created. But the audiences had understood the story through pure hiphop. The danceshow had almost as many shows as The Score and was rewarded with SvD Opera-Prize.

In 2008 Bounce continued to perform with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or another name for it Insane in the Brain in Sweden and in the UK. When they were back in Sweden they took some time away from each other to get new energy and collect new fresh ideas. Back together the group stated to plan their next show Caution with live barking dogs and crazy stunt, inspired by De La Guarda, to push their limits and challenge them. Caution had premier in February 2009 at the Orion Theatre and played at full houses for four months. When Caution ended they held their annually Bounce Summercamp where people from all over the world joined for three weeks.

Bounce made a Flash Mob in tribute to Michael Jackson in the summer 2009 that got over 8 million hits on YouTube. Just a little while after the first one they ended Bounce Summercamp with another Flash Mob who was called the Human domino with the dancer from the camp on the amusement park Gröna Lund.

In September they returned to London to once again do Insane in the Brain at the Peacock Theater with a followed with a UK tour. Totally more than 125,000 people have seen the show until now and a new UK-tour is planned in June 2010 at the Peacock Theatre.

On April 23, 2010 Bounce last dance show has premier at the Ericsson Globe and is called The Last Bounce. The show is going to contain some of the highlight from Bounce early shows mixed with new numbers with over hundred guestdancers.

On May 14, Fredrik Rydman and Jennie Widegrens choreography will appear at the opening segment of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö.

Former members: Karl Dyall, Sandra Meneses, Karim Rahali Carlsson,


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