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Born to Kill

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No. of seasons  3
Running time  45 mins (each episode)
Original release  2005 – 2012
Network  Channel 5
Language  Hindi
7.9/10 IMDb

No. of episodes  25
Original network  sky
First episode date  13 October 2005
Genre  True crime
Cast  Steve Furst
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Born To Kill is a British true crime television series, made by Twofour Productions. Each episode is an in-depth look at the childhood, and formative years of serial killers in an attempt to find out whether the individuals were born killers, or created by the environments they found themselves in.


A book to accompany the series, How to Make a Serial Killer: The Twisted Development of Innocent Children, has been written by Christopher Berry-Dee and Steven Morris.

In 2013 TwoFour Productions sold the fifth series of Born to Kill? in Canada, the United States and Latin America.

Season 1 (2006-07)

  • S01E01 Fred West
  • S01E02 Harold Shipman
  • S01E03 Jeffrey Dahmer
  • S01E04 Myra Hindley
  • S01E05 the Washington Snipers (Beltway sniper attacks)
  • S01E06 Ivan Milat
  • Season 2 (2011)

  • S02E01 Aileen Wournos: Monster
  • S02E02 Richard Trenton Chase: the Vampire of Sacramento
  • S02E03 Charles Starkweather: Natural Born Killer
  • S02E04 Albert DeSalvo: the Boston Strangler
  • S02E05 Ted Bundy
  • S02E06 John Wayne Gacy: the Killer Clown
  • S02E07 Edmund Kemper: The Co-ed Killer
  • Season 3 (2012)

  • S03E01 Donald Pee Wee Gaskins: the Meanest Man in America
  • S03E02 Gary Ridgway: the Green River killer
  • S03E03 John Linley Frazier: The Killer Prophet
  • S03E04 Richard Ramirez: the Nightstalker
  • S03E05 Dennis Nilsen: the Kindly Killer
  • S03E06 David Berkowitz: the Son of Sam
  • S03E07 Beverly Allitt: Angel of Death
  • S03E08 the Manson Family (Charles Manson)
  • Special Episodes

    These episodes cannot be verified, to belong to any particular season and seem to appear in listings between seasons 2 and 3, but are not part of either.

  • Bianchi and Buono: the Hillside Stranglers
  • Herbert Mullin: the Boy Most Likely
  • Colin Ireland: the Gay Slayer
  • Dennis Rader: Bind, Torture, Kill
  • The Black Panther Murders (Donald Neilson)
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