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Bordj El Kiffan

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Country  Algeria
Elevation  32 m (105 ft)
Population  151,950 (2008)
Province  Algiers
Postal code  16411
Local time  Thursday 12:12 PM
Bordj El Kiffan
Time zone  West Africa Time (UTC+1)
Weather  17°C, Wind NW at 8 km/h, 76% Humidity
University  Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologie

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Bordj El Kiffan (Arabic 'برج الكيفان') is a suburb of the city of Algiers in northern Algeria. It is in the eastern section of the city, near Matares Beach.


Map of Bordj El Kiffan, Algeria

Named Fort de l'Eau (Fr. 'Water Fortress') under French rule prior to 1962, used to be a famous beach resort within the Bay of Algiers, complete with luxury hotels and a casino.

Pollution from urbanization, nearby industrialization, and untreated sewage affected the status, and the beach was no longer popular since the late 1970s. The urban location, however, preserved some of its former recreational status.

Today situated directly north (i.e. towards the Mediterranean sea) of the close-by Algiers' Houari Boumedienne international airport, with direct highway connection from the capital.

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