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Scientific name




Higher classification

Boloria wwwpyrgusdebilder1nymphalidaeselenef2012jpg

Lower classifications
Small pearl‑bordered fritillary, Pearl‑bordered fritillary, Boloria aquilonaris, Boloria eunomia, Boloria napaea

Newly emerged cranberry fritillary boloria aquilonaris hemsedal norway

Boloria is a brush-footed butterfly (Nymphalidae) genus. Clossiana is usually included with it nowadays, though some authors still consider it distinct and it seems to warrant recognition as a subgenus at least.


Boloria European Lepidoptera and their ecology Boloria selene


Listed alphabetically:

Boloria Boloria selene Denis amp Schiffermller 1775 Checklist View

  • Boloria acrocnema Gall & Sperling, 1980 – Uncompahgre fritillary
  • Boloria alaskensis (Holland, 1900) – mountain fritillary (Arctic America, Alaska to Hudson Bay, Wyoming, Polar Urals, Yamal Peninsula, Transbaikalia, Chukotka, Wrangel Island)
  • Boloria aquilonaris (Stichel, 1908) – cranberry fritillary
  • Boloria alberta (W.H. Edwards, 1890) – Alberta fritillary
  • Boloria angarensis (Erschoff, 1870) (Transbaikalia, South Siberia, Far East Yakutia, Polar Urals, Yamal Peninsula, Sayan, Tuva mountains, Amur, Ussuri, North Korea, Northeast China)
  • Boloria astarte (Doubleday, [1847]) – Astarte fritillary
  • Boloria bellona (Fabricius, 1775) – meadow fritillary
  • Boloria caucasica (Lederer, 1852) (Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Turkey)
  • Boloria chariclea (Schneider, 1794) – Arctic fritillary or purplish fritillary
  • Boloria dia (Linnaeus, 1767) – Weaver's fritillary or violet fritillary
  • Boloria distincta (Gibson, 1920) (Yukon to British Columbia, Polar Urals, Transbaikalia, Yakutia, Chukotka)
  • Boloria elatus (Staudinger, 1892) (Transbaikalia)
  • Boloria epithore (Edwards, [1864]) – Pacific fritillary
  • Boloria erda (Christoph, 1893) (Yakutia, Sayan, Transbaikalia, Magadan)
  • Boloria erubescens (Staudinger, 1901) (Tian-Shan, Ghissar-Darvaz, Pamirs-Alai)
  • Boloria eunomia (Esper, [1800]) – bog fritillary, ocellate bog fritillary
  • Boloria euphrosyne (Linnaeus, 1758) – pearl-bordered fritillary
  • Boloria freija (Thunberg, 1791) – Freya's fritillary, Freija fritillary or zigzag fritillary
  • Boloria frigga (Thunberg, 1791) – Frigga fritillary, willow bog fritillary
  • Boloria frigidalis Warren, 1944 (Altai, Sayan, Tuva mountains, Mongolia)
  • Boloria improba (Butler, 1877) – dingy fritillary
  • Boloria iphigenia (Graeser, 1888) (Japan, east Amur, Ussuri and northeast China)
  • Boloria gong (Oberthür, 1884) (Tibet, West China, North China)
  • Boloria graeca (Staudinger, 1870) – Balkan fritillary
  • Boloria jerdoni (Lang, 1868) – Jerdon's silverspot
  • Boloria kriemhild (Butler, 1877) – relict fritillary (Montana, Wyoming)
  • Boloria matveevi Gorbunov & Korshunov, 1995 (Altai)
  • Boloria napaea (Hoffmannsegg, 1804) – napaea fritillary or mountain fritillary
  • Boloria natazhati (Gibson, 1920) – cryptic fritillary or Beringian fritillary
  • Boloria neopales (Nakahara, 1926) (Sakhalin)
  • Boloria oscarus (Eversmann, 1844) (Siberia, Amur, Ussuri, Sakhalin, Yakutia)
  • Boloria pales (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) – Shepherd's fritillary
  • Boloria perryi (Butler, 1882) (southern Ussuri, North Korea, Amur)
  • Boloria polaris (Boisduval, [1828]) – Polaris fritillary
  • Boloria purpurea Churkin, 1999 (Barguzin Mountains in Buryatia)
  • Boloria selene (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) – small pearl-bordered fritillary or silver-bordered fritillary
  • Boloria selenis (Eversmann, 1837)
  • Boloria sipora (Moore, [1875]) (Pamirs to Alai, Tian-Shan, West Himalaya)
  • Boloria thore (Hübner, [1803]) – Thor's fritillary
  • Boloria titania (Esper, 1793) – Titania's fritillary or purple bog fritillary
  • Boloria tritonia (Böber, 1812) (Baikal, Amur, Ussuri)
  • Brachiopod

    Boloria Boloria selene

    Grunt described a brachiopod genus in 1973 under the same name. Since each code of biological nomenclature allows only for one genus with the same name, the brachiopod genus is in need of renaming.

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    Boloria Boloria aquilonaris Stichel 1908 Checklist View


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