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Bolivian Hairless Dog

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The Bolivian Hairless is an extremely rare breed of dog bred in Bolivia. These dogs are not recognized by any major Kennel Club such as the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club nor the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. These dogs are also called Bolivian Khalas. These dogs are rare but are found in Mexico through South and Central America rather than throughout North America.



The Bolivian Hairless Dog is similar in appearance to the Mexican Hairless Dog as these dogs are similar in size and like the Mexican Hairless the Bolivian Hairless Dog ranges greatly in size in fact there is two size varieties the medio and the grande. The difference between the two is the medio has shorter legs and is not as muscular in build the grande has longer legs and is built more like a Greyhound type dog.


  • Medio Weight: 15 - 30 lbs 6.8 - 13.9 kg
  • Grande Weight: 18 - 30 lbs 8.2 - 13.9 kg
  • Temperament

    These dogs may exhibit many behavioral traits of Hairless or Primitive dogs. These dogs are loving and docile with family and friends these dogs however can be aloof standoffish and even unfriendly with strangers or suspicious people but these can be redirected with good socialization from a young age just like with any breed of dog and they will be tolerant of strangers being around and will be stable and gentle with other household animals. The owner of the dog must display gentle but firm leadership. With proper leadership he will be able to adapt to the presence of other canines. These dogs have a tendency to walk or run away from a serious confrontation which is good since these dogs are hairless and adult teeth are usually few and far between.

    This is a primitive breed, it needs very little in care but is not the best choice for a novice dog owner generally because of the loss of protection provided by hair and good dentition. Flight is preferable to fight. The Bolivian Hairless Dog tends to identify very closely with others of its kind. Most hairless dogs do best with a buddy to accompany them because like many dogs Bolivian Hairless Dogs have little tolerance for being alone so if you have intensive plans leaving the house for lets say 9 – 15 hours something like that make sure your dog has a companion to insure separation anxiety doesn't occur. Don't let this dog to develop small dog syndrome where a dog believes its the leader witch can vary in behavioral issues.

    Common Health Issues

    The Bolivian Hairless Dog is generally healthy. In there countries of origin where veterinary care is seldom available or affordable to the peasants of India the dogs live with. Like all hairless dogs skin problems are an issue and as with most hairless dogs adult dentition is very bad. The root system is shallow and even puppy teeth are primitive. The life expectancy is not really known in the United States where they are protected.


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