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Birth name  Boglarka Csemer
Occupation(s)  singer
Role  Vocalist
Also known as  Boggie
Labels  Tom-Tom Records

Name  Boglarka Csemer
Years active  2013–present
Music director  Shopping
Instruments  vocals
Genres  Pop music

Born  30 November 1986 (age 29)Budapest, Hungary (1986-11-30)
Albums  Boggie / All Is One Is All
Similar People  Bojana Stamenov, Nina Sublatti, Elhaida Dani, Bogi, Loic Nottet


Boglárka Csemer ([ˈboɡlaːrkɒ ˈt͡ʃɛmɛr], born 30 November 1986 in Budapest, Hungary), professionally known as Boggie, is a Hungarian pop vocalist and songwriter. Boggie is best known for her hit single entitled "Nouveau Parfum" (Hungarian: Parfüm), which peaked at number one in Hungary for more consecutive weeks, extracted from her self-titled debut studio album Boggie (2015). She represented Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song "Wars for Nothing". On 19 May 2015, her song qualified for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest final, which was held on 23 May 2015 in Vienna, Austria.


Boggie Hungary 2015 Boggie to Vienna OIKOTIMESCOM STOCKHOLM

Boggie nouveau parfum

2014–present: Boggie era

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Boggie rose to major prominence in early January 2014 after the release of the music video to her debut single "Nouveau Parfum" (French for "New Perfume"). The video was picked up by media outlets in various countries including the UK and United States. The video shows the singer being extensively retouched while she sings the song, which is a darker, French rewrite of the song's Hungarian version entitled "Parfüm". Both versions are extracted from Boglárka's self-titled debut album entitled ''Boggie", released in 2015. The video and its message are similar to the Body Evolution viral video created for to encourage the introduction of mandatory disclaimers on retouched images in popular media. Much like the model in Body Evolution, by the end of the video Boglárka bears little resemblance to her unaltered appearance at the start. A brief split-screen comparison shows the viewer how drastically different the final result is.


Two verses in "Nouveau Parfum" consist of Boggie reeling off a list of designer label perfumes and asking which she should choose, before questioning why she should have to make a choice at all and asking who is making her choose. Boggie then counters this pressure with the lines, "Je ne suis pas leur produit / De beauté, d’préciosité / Ils ne peuvent pas me changer" ("I am not their product / Of beauty, of preciousness / They cannot change me"). The designer labels and subversive message do not feature in the original Hungarian lyrics of "Parfüm".

Eurovision Song Contest

Boggie Boggie Camouflage Slippery Edge

Boggie represented Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song "Wars for Nothing". On 19 May 2015 she qualified for the event's grand final, which was held on 23 May 2015 in Vienna, Austria.


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